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Ravi Nair Wins the Bronze Medal in Global Music Awards for his first HIT MOTIVATIONAL TRACK named – The Mind Body Affair



WhatsApp Image 2019-08-26 at 7.28.35 AMThe GLOBAL MUSIC AWARDS – August 2019, results are out and the Bronze Medal in the
Lyrics/Songwriter category has been bagged by Ravi Nair of Indian origin, for his first HIT
MOTIVATIONAL TRACK named – “The Mind Body Affair”.

The competition is judged by imminent Composers/Musicians/Directors like – Charles Denler (Emmy Winner), Darlene Koldenhoven (Grammy Winner), Rickey Kej (Grammy Winner), Art Philips (Grammy Winner) and other prominent personalities.

Each year, Global Music Awards receives thousands of entries, from participants who hail from more than 100 countries and continents across the globe. Winning the Global Music Award honors means your music stands-out internationally, across cultures.

The India based Entrepreneur, Motivational Speaker, Life Coach and Author of Amazon Best Selling book “Weekend Miracle” – Ravi Nair, recently made waves at the Global Music Awards with his first motivational rap “The Mind Body Affair”.

This winning track – “The Mind Body Affair”, has a transformational vibe to it and it is a very
different kind of motivational song. Through a series of daily life examples, it lyrically explains how your body responds to every thought your mind generates. The body, which is your subconscious mind, is unable to discern between thoughts that are real and the ones which are imaginary. This leads the body to assume that any thought you get is real. The result is that all the 100 trillion cells in your body start reacting and responding to that thought. The following is a link to the song.
Through this song, writer and singer, Ravi Nair, attempts to explain the simple science which drives every moment of our life. The song reveals the secret connection between the mind and the body, which many psychologists, motivational speakers and authors have tried to convey through their talks and books. Of course, this is the first time it is taking the form of a cool, rap song.

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