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Raj demonstrates precedent and helps old aged and mentally unfit Prabha Devi to find her home A inspirational incident for those who have become self-centered



6th December, 2016, Delhi-NCR

People often say that we should come forward to help the needy people. The society too wants to help such people But the news that we are sharing today is not just a news, but is an Inspirational message for us. This inspirational story is about Raj Mahajan, who in this busy and chaotic Delhi NCR helped save a life.

Raj Mahajan, popular Musician and Chairman of Moxx Music Company has a busy schedule generally but loves to spend time with children. Musician Raj Mahajan, with his children was on an outing on 6th November. He then noticed that an old aged lady of around 65-70 years was wandering hopelessly around the red light. At the same time, Raj’s children shared her video through Facebook live streaming and appealed people to identify the lady. Then Raj took help from his neighbours who were from hilly areas, so that the lady’s language could be deciphered. Now it was clear that she was a Garhwali. Raj’s neighbour tried to interact her in Garhwali language, but because of her mental illness and inability to speak properly, all seemed to be in vain.

Raj said, “Where there is a will there’s a way, this popular quote just crossed my mind upon hearing this. My mind was filled with hope, a hope to let a lost woman meet her family, a hope to let a lost mother meet her children, a hope to bring a small change in the society. In the evening around 6 PM I along with my friend Bisht left for Vaishali Sec-2 to search for Prabha Devi’s family. While roaming around Ramleela Maidan suddenly I noticed changes in Prabha Devi’s expressions and a lady shopkeeper smiled upon seeing Prabha Devi. We further enquired that lady shopkeeper about Prabha Devi and finally got her home.”

During the small duration of this whole incident, there seemed a bond between Prabha Devi and Raj Mahajan, a bond which has no name but affection and humanity. Due to this bond, Prabha Devi visited Raj’s house, Raj and his family offered food to her and in between kept searching for her family. Many people share the video on social media showing Raj Mahajan’s generous effort to search her family.

Every one watches needy people but only those helps who are born with kind and mighty heart. Someone has correctly said ‘Sympathy is greater than gold’. To help someone in need you should feel his or her pain.

Raj said ‘If I would not have brought her with me the she might have got lost while roaming here and there, would have slept anywhere, would have remained hungry. Her clothes would have become dirty in few days. Then people would have started treating her as a beggar and thus a good lady from a cultured family would have forced to live like anonymous or something worse could have happened on the roads of Delhi-NCR. I am quite happy that Prabha Devi is now safe at her home with her family.’

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