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Rahul Vaidya unveils Moj Studio in Mumbai, bespoke for creators



Mumbai, 26th May 2022: India’s number one short video app, Moj, along with Rahul Vaidya, today inaugurated a state-of-the-art Moj Studio in Mumbai. The Moj Studio in Mumbai is located on the 6th Floor Kotia Nirman, above Volvo showroom, DN Nagar, Andheri West. Moj Studio is a custom-made creative space exclusively for Moj creators to learn new techniques and create high-quality content. The studio’s launch kicked off with Rahul Vaidya making a video, in collaboration with Moj creators, on his latest hit Naughty Balam.


Besides Rahul VaidyaSameeksha TakePriyanka TyagiSohail Shaikh, and 20 other popular creators attended the launch. With outdoor spaces and flawlessly designed interiors, this 3000 sq ft space in the heart of the city of entertainment is a dedicated space for Moj creators to express their creativity. Tripods, ring lights, DOP, and professional camera setups will all be available at the creator’s disposal. There are 18 layouts in the studio, including a powder room, pantry, and changing room. It also includes a workstation with high-speed internet for the creators to edit their content.


By creating the first video at the Moj Studio in Mumbai, Rahul Vaidya, a renowned vocalist, said, “A creator needs space, excellent lighting, and clean audio. All of this can be quite challenging to find in a city like Mumbai. Moj is actually providing an excellent opportunity for budding creators to explore the potential of their talent; what an idea, sirji!”


Talking about the launch of the Moj Studio in Mumbai, Shashank Shekhar, Sr. Director of Content Strategy and Operations, Moj, said, “We are excited to open a Moj Studio in Mumbai that will empower all our creators to expand their scope of the content. Almost everyone knows how to make a video and post it on social media. But new and upcoming creators find it challenging how to project creative ideas into high-quality video content. So, we are creating common spaces, like the Moj Studio, for creators to have the right space, equipment, and collaboration opportunities, all under one roof. This is our second creator studio launch, the first being Delhi, and we have another 10-15 cities in the pipeline for 2022.”


Recently, Moj launched its flagship creator growth program, Moj For Creators, to jumpstart the career of new and aspirational creators on Moj. ‘Moj For Creators’ comes with several benefits: grooming through preliminary and advanced genre-based training courses, mentorship, spotlight program, boot camps, influencer townhalls, one-on-one coaching, and in-depth workshops on industry trends. The creators also gain access to the Moj in-house team, who support them in earning through their content and provide brand collaboration opportunities.

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