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Gujarat-based Designer Purvi Doshi brings her latest “Khadi” collection which is a true tribute to Mother Nature. Non violent, cruelty free, handcrafted & beautiful, yes that definitely defines the Khadi collection. This collection reflects the sheer splendor of nature.

GH9A7048 (2)Using an authentic fabric like Khadi and adding beautiful glasswork and intricately traditional embroidered motifs, her designs speak volumes about the importance natural elements. Purvi strongly believes in the revival of the dying arts of India that are created by the stupendous craftsmen using their bare hands, the precision tools which are unmatched and untarnished by all the development around us.

Purvi Doshi feels “This collection is the closest to my heart. I have always wanted to give back something to the environment; the use of all natural colors and fabrics is my way of contributing towards the good health of Mother Earth. And I believe in nurturing my traditional roots and giving them a contemporary twist, which reflects in my designs.”

Her lovely array of designs is a stylish fusion of fine cuts, structured dresses and beautiful drapes. Witness the resplendence of khadi in off-white tones along with mirror embroidery in gold and bright hues. She plays with subtle textures, dainty designs and simple silhouettes to create this extraordinary collection. With a strong message about valuing the earth and our traditions, this collection truly lives up to its name. This deep and inspiring collection is sure to mesmerize and move you!

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