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Paytm Insider announces new features for organisers to take events online



3 steps to creating your own digital event on the platform

         Allows organizers to publish, ticket and manage digital events in 3 simple steps

The platform currently supports Zoom-based event publishing; to add support for more platforms soon


Mumbai, April 18, 2020: Paytm Insider announced that starting today, organisers can publish, ticket and manage their digital events on the platform. It currently supports Zoom-based event publishing and will be adding support for more platforms soon. This is a convenient, effective and fast way to set up and market online events.

A little over a year ago, a small team at Paytm Insider began work on an experimental project called “Digital Events”. The team believed that the transformational experience of going to an event could also be experienced online. This way artists and fans could transcend limitations of location, accessibility and seasonality. These events would combine live streaming technology with powerful interactive features that allowed participants toengage with each other and creators.

This journey for Paytm Insider has been fast-tracked because of the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic as outdoor entertainment has come to a complete standstill. The need of the hour is to take live events and experiences online. Over the last year, 90% of organisers that Paytm Insider works with have listed events using its self-serve platform. Shreyas Srinivasan, CEO Paytm Insider says, “As live events and experiences move online, we’re focused on ensuring a seamless experience for both organisers and fans. Having to create an event first on a trusted ticketing or payments solution platform and then again on the platform from which the event can stream seems like unnecessary friction to hold digital events. Paytm Insider’s 3 step event publishing process is the single tool that solves for both and ensures the focus remains on bringing great content to fans.”

Ahead of this announcement, the feature was used by comedian Sahil Shah to run his own ticketed online stand-up comedy show. Sahil says, “I had already done a few online gigs and when Insider came on board to do this, I was super excited to do more! This is the best way to perform without leaving the house and for people to laugh without leaving their house. It’s funny how the platform is now literally what we are doing. Insider is making sure I’m staying Insider.”

An event is created automatically for organisers at the set time on the supported web conferencing platform (Zoom) when they set up their event on Paytm Insider. The team has also ensured that the digital event is restricted to ticket buyers only and limited to one login per buyer. Customers who purchase tickets get their access details on the ticket and a reminder when the show is about to go live. Organisers can also send timely reminders and messages to the attendees from the backend via WhatsApp or Email.

Check out digital events on Paytm Insider here and get started: