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Paramount Surgimed Ltd. launches Digital Blood Pressure Monitor with an LCD Display



TDBPM_02Paramount Surgimed Ltd. launches the Digital Blood Pressure Monitor, one of the best ways to now check your blood pressure with no tension of measuring the zigzag turns of the stick instead getting best and the accurate results on your blood pressure levels.

The Digital Blood Pressure Monitoring device is an Easy to use monitor with Fuzzy Logic Inflation and controlled Deflation. The device features a large LCD display with easy to read in-progress results and measures systolic and diastolic blood pressure and pulse rates simultaneously and detects and alerts the user to irregular heartbeat. The device comes equipped with the WHO Indicator, provides an instant comparison to standards set by the World Health Organization.

The Digital Blood Pressure Monitor comes in 3 variants

Talking Digital Blood Pressure Monitor: – 60 times memory irregular Heartbeat Detector; Time and Date Display; Blood Pressure Level classification Indicator; Automatic Power Off Activated After 1 Minutes of Non Use; Measuring Range 0mm Hg ~300mm Hg; Arm circumference: 22~ 30cm; Measuring Accuracy: Within -3mmHg; Weight 430g; Machine Size: Length 146mm x Width 100mm x Height 60mm.

Arm Digital Blood Pressure Monitor – 60 Times Memory; Digital Display System; Automatic Inflation, Automatic Measurement; Accuracy: Within =4mmHg; Automatic Power off activated after 1 minutes of non-use; Measuring Range: 20mmHg -300mmHg; Machine Size: Length 1041mm/Width 154mm/Height 45mm; Cuff Size: Length 520mm/Width 140mm; Weight: 300g.

Wrist Digital Blood Pressure Monitor – Simply wrap the cuff around sizes your wrist and press START. In seconds your blood pressure and pulse are displayed on the digital panel; the fully automatic Wrist Blood Pressure Monitor features both Fuzzy Logic Inflation and controlled deflation along with one-button operation; The memory feature recalls up to 60 readings providing date and time stamps; comfortable wrist cuff suitable for 5-1/4″ to 7-5/8″ wrist circumferences and alarm clock.

The price of Talking Digital Blood Pressure Monitor is Rs. 4,000/- (Four Thousand).