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OSIM Introduces uInfinity Massage Chair – The highest level of Massage Indulgence & Well Being



140908_uInfinity_207OSIM India launches its latest massage chair called OSIM “uInfinity” offering a humanized Massage Pleasure from Head to Toe. It gives you the mental relaxation, eases strain from neck and shoulder, soothing comfort for arms, hands and palms relieve tension in thighs, hips and butt and rejuvenate calves, ankles and feet.

The OSIM uInfinity’s ‘download massage’ technology that offers the widest choice of the most humanized massage programs ever, for you to relax like a CEO, be pampered like a Tai Tai or sooth yourself after a game of golf. The uInfinity chair allow the user to download more of the latest Lifestyle Massage Programs with a simple Bluetooth connection to a Smartphone and also  download latest massage programs into the uInfinity app in your smart phone (apple & android phones*).

This OSIM uInfinity chair has a potent combination of 3 complimentary innovations. Download Massage: Download future new massage programs to continuously satisfy the diverse and evolving need of the user and family. Humanized Massage: The humanized and natural massage feel, together with a comprehensive head to toe massage coverage for the ultimate massage experience. Lifestyle Massage: The most unique and customer oriented suite of massage programs ever, designed to serve different lifestyles, profession and need of the user. All these massages, which are designed by Japanese Chiropractic Massage Expert- ‘Sato Tsuyoshi’, will rejuvenate ones mind and soul. One can enjoy the massages at ‘Zero Gravity’ on this massage chair. Thus it becomes the most advanced and most comprehensive massage chair in the industry.

The OSIM uInfinity is an intelligent design for Modern Living-where you can listen your favorite songs with a u Infinity built-in-stereo speakers while you lie back for a holistic mind and body experience. You can enjoy complete control of the uInfinity from a touch screen controller with a large & easy-to-read and color-rich LCD display.

The massage chair is priced at Rs.4,99,000/- and in Maharashtra – Rs. 5,24,000/-.

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