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Online tutors most helpful during homeschooling: Brainly



Delves deeper into homeschooling during lockdown on Mother’s Day

●        The survey gives interesting insights including the role of parents and teachers in education during lockdown

Mumbai, May 15, 2020: Against the backdrop of Mother’s Day, Brainly surveyed its Indian user base to dive into prevalent homeschooling trends during the nationwide lockdown. The world’s largest online learning platform for students, parents, and teachers drew interesting insights through the responses received from 3,267 participants. Brainly regularly conducts time-relevant surveys on its platform to give an overview of the current situation and share insights from Indian students and parents.

E-learning is preferred by students in India with around one-third of the survey respondents (or 30.7%) preferring it over regular schooling. Another 32% said they found it hard to decide which is more advantageous while about 37.3% stated they preferred the conventional form of learning over e-learning. A symmetric pattern was also observed when students were asked if they found remote schooling as challenging. 42.8% of students were affirmative to the question while 33.2% replied negatively.

The survey further revealed that mothers were more involved with their child’s education during both pre and post-lockdown scenarios. However, the involvement of both parents increased after the lockdown came into effect. While mothers’ contribution increased from 47.2% to 53.4%, the same figure for fathers went up from 40% to 48.5%. In a separate question, 43.6% of Indian students admitted that mothers were more involved in their academic studies, only 19.5% favoured fathers while almost one-third of the respondents at 31.3%, maintained a neutral response hinting towards involvement other than parents.

Interestingly, the responses from the survey show that despite being closely engaged with their kids’ education, neither of the parents is as helpful as the online tutors. While homeschooling, 52.6% of students say they receive maximum help from their teachers online, followed by their mothers.