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image002BoroPlus Zero Oil Zero Pimples Face Wash, the pimples solving expert from FMCG major Emami Limited, now goes national after its successful test launch in Madhya Pradesh last year. Fresh Bollywood face Kriti Sanon has been roped in as the brand ambassador.

 Most young girls suffer from pimple problems which causes embarrassment to them. They keep popping up again and again especially at times when you can least afford to have them. One can be a spoiler – total disaster if they decide to come back in groups of two’s or three’s or more. Many teenagers have tried desperately to stop them – almost all have thrown up their hands in despair.

BoroPlus Zero Oil Zero Pimples Face Wash, with its unique Ayurvedic formulation not only fights with the pimple causing bacteria with the goodness of BoroPlus’ Antiseptic Action and Neem but also helps to control excess oil with Multani Mittiwhich prevents pimples from recurrence.

According to Ms. Priti Sureka, Director of FMCG major Emami Ltd, “Most neem-based face washes fight existing pimples, but do not address the problem of recurrence. Women, especially in their teens, tend to have oily skin. Excess oil combined with other impurities clogs pores, giving rise to inflammations and pimple causing bacteria. So teenagers with oily skin are more prone to recurring pimples. Therefore, we at Emami have developed BoroPlus Zero Oil Zero Pimple Facewash which prevents pimples from recurring due to its unique Ayurvedic formulation which has the proven efficacy of Multani Mitti to control excess oil, Neem to fight pimples, and the goodness of Boroplus Antiseptic Action to prevent recurrence.”

The new BoroPlus Zero Oil Zero Pimples Face Wash promises that with regular usage, it will help its consumers to get a clearer and brighter face. Fresh Bollywood faceKriti Sanon has been roped in to endorse the product.

The BoroPlus portfolio comprises of antiseptic cream, moisturising lotion, and prickly heat powder.

BoroPlus Zero Oil Zero Pimple Face Wash will be available in pack sizes of 15ml +3ml (extra) ,50ml + 10 ml(extra) and 80ml + 20 ml(extra) priced at Rs 15, Rs 55 and Rs 85 respectively with a consumer offer of 20% extra on 15ml and 50ml and 25% extra on 80 ml.