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New Ads Part of Integrated Technology and Media Partnership that Brings to Life CA’s Capabilities



Mumbai, September 05, 2016 – CA Technologies (NASDAQ: CA) today launched two new TV ads that highlight how apps are at the center of a new world driven by software. The ads deliver a clear message: CA is the partner to help you succeed in the App Economy.

The spots expand upon the “app culture” campaign developed to support CA’s role as the technology sponsor of the 2016 America’s Choice Election on CNN. The ads will run on the network during the nights of Presidential debates that begin tonight and continue through Election Night, and into 2017.

“We’re living and working in an app-centric world and the ads speak directly to its challenges and its opportunities,” said Lauren Flaherty, chief marketing officer, CA Technologies. “CNN’s election coverage is massive. We wanted ads that would resonate well within the sensational atmosphere of this election and at the same time show how CA can help companies navigate and shape this new world.”

The new ads running on the series of Presidential debates include:

· The Front Porch – Humorously juxtaposing the many different points of view arising in the U.S. this election season, this ad shows that, among our different opinions, there is one thing we can unanimously agree on – the need for great apps.

· Demand Never Dies – Using the zombie craze as a metaphor for consumers’ insatiable hunger for high-performing apps, this ad conveys that, thanks to CA Technologies, businesses can satisfy their customers’ demands and will live to see another day.

The new ads, created and produced by John McNeil Studio, bring to life CA’s role as a trusted partner in the Application Economy. The ads also give CA a platform to showcase the innovative technology being used by CNN to power the CNN Politics app.

Launched last April, the CNN Politics app was built in partnership with CA Technologies. The data-centric app — built using CA API Management solutions and CA App Experience Analytics — gives voters access to the data driving the political landscape and puts them on level footing with the experts to understand who is winning the 2016 U.S. presidential election now and why.