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NASSCOM  FutureSkills Prime Collaborates with WhiteHat Jr to Launch an Instructor-Led one-on-one AI Foundation Course



MUMBAI, September 02, 2021 — FutureSkills Prime, the digital skilling initiative by NASSCOM and the Ministry of Electronics & Information Technology, has collaborated with leading EdTech firm WhiteHat Jr to launch an instructor-led one-on-one Foundation course on Artificial Intelligence (AI) aligned to Competency Standards developed by SSC NASSCOM in collaboration with Industry and approved by Government of India. The course, developed by the WhiteHat Jr curriculum team, will be delivered live online by highly-trained teachers to undergraduates as well as executives.

WhiteHat Jr, in just over two years, has emerged as a leading name teaching live one-on-one online classes to children ages 6 to 18 years. This will be the first time that WhiteHat Jr will reach out to the 18+ undergraduate and executives.

“We are leveraging our expertise to upskill the youth of India, working closely with the industry. AI is a key skill, one that can potentially disrupt the global workforce in the future. The curriculum developed by our team, and offered 1:1 by highly-trained teachers, will help build a strong foundation in AI to help upskill the nation,” said Trupti Mukker, CEO of WhiteHat Jr. “Working closely with FutureSkills Prime, we will be offering the Course pro bono to support and motivate 500 meritorious aspirants who wish to pursue a career in the field of  technology.”

“We are absolutely thrilled to be selected by FutureSkills Prime to help further our collective mission of introducing 21-st century skills like AI to the youth of India”, said Nitin Kochhar, Chief Business Officer – B2B, WhiteHat Jr. “This collaboration is a great example of a Public-private partnership to harness and leverage the expertise and efficiencies of both sectors to reach and educate the masses.”

“Artificial Intelligence is believed to be as revolutionary as electricity – and just like that, AI is going to transform our lives forever. The past few months are proof of why we need our people to be armed up with tech skills and boost their ‘DQ’ or ‘Digital Quotient’. Technology is becoming sector agnostic and impacting every job role, and clearly Digital is the way forward. From academia to healthcare, our traditional roles are being transformed with technology, and we need to prepare our workforce, regardless of the industry they belong to, to develop AI skills to ensure that they sustain in a digital-first world. This joint initiative with WhiteHat Jr aims to equip the workforce of today with AI-ready skills, and we look forward to it as the next step towards our mission of making India a global hub of digital technologies,” said Kirti Seth, CEO IT-ITES Sector Skill Council NASSCOM.

The unique AI Foundation program is an ideal mix of concepts and practicals. The curriculum starts with the basics of Python, Object-Oriented Programming and data structures. It also covers advanced topics such as data visualization, statistical tools and Artificial Intelligence (“AI”) / Machine Learning (“ML”) algorithms. WhiteHat Jr will offer the course from October 2021. Interested students can visit here for more details.