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Add a suave pair of Zippo Sunglasses to your Mother’s collection



Mumbai, March 8th, 2019: Mother’s Day is just around the corner. With the sun getting harsher by the day, what better way to show some love to the women who do so much for us than a pair of stylish sunglasses. Zippo brings to you its exciting range of sunglasses just for the occasion.

The stylish range of sunglasses offer a wide array of color options in a variety of contemporary yet bold designs to complement your mother’s unique personality. An integration of classic fashion with current trends, the collection pays homage to the brand’s commitment to cater to individual style. From the classic Aviator to more seasonal styles, there is a look to match every expression of individual style.

Versatile and individual designs are rooted in Zippo’s history – their windproof lighters have featured over 300,000 designs since the brand launched in 1932. Now, with its range of sunglasses, Zippo is providing its fans with another accessory to express their individuality. The line offers a unique freedom and style that is distinct to the brand.

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