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MIG Cricket Club’s annual 8th Open Swimming Gala concludes with many broken records



Winners Anvi & Saanvi Deshwal


Mumbai, March 26: Saanvi Deshwal of Otters was the queen of the pool as she eclipsed four meet records in the girls’ under-12 events in the MIG Cricket Club’s annual 8th Open Swimming Gala at the Club’s swimming pool on Sunday. The swimming gala is being organized under the auspices of the GMAAA (Greater Mumbai Amateur Aquatic Association), after a gap of seven years.

The 11-year-old Saanvi, a student of Bombay Scottish School, Mahim, was at her best and picked her first gold in the 50 metres backstroke with a quick time of 33.96 secs which bettered the earlier record of 36.41 secs set by Khar Gymkhana’s Neha Prasad in 2011. Later, Saanvi, who also won a silver medal, broke three records which belonged to Radio Club’s Kenisha Gupta set in 2015.

Saanvi finished the 50 metres breast stroke in 36.63 secs which was better than the earlier mark of 38.42 secs and then set a new mark in winning the 100 metres freestyle in 1:05.63 secs which beat Kenisha’s time of 1:06.19 secs. She returned to the pool and improved on the 100 metres Individual Medley record as she clocked a time of 1:13.65 secs as compared to the previous time of 1:15.47 secs.

Meanwhile, Saanvi finished second behind her twin sister Anvi in the 50 meters freestyle. Anvi claimed gold in 00:30.01 seconds ahead of Saanvi who came home in 00:30.14 to take the silver. Anvi won another gold in the 50 metres butterfly and bagged three silvers in the 50 metres breaststroke and 100 metres freestyle and Individual medley events. She also bettered the meet records in the 50 metres backstroke and 100 metres freestyle.

Earlier, Shwet Poojary of Forest Club and Rabhya Singh of Otters Club dominated the boys’ under-14 and girls’ under-16 races, as they both clinched five gold medals each.

The Forest Club swimmer Shwet, after finishing second to teammate Vivaan Sethi in the 50 metres backstroke, won the remaining five events. His first gold came in the 50 metres breaststroke with a time of 33.89 secs. He claimed two more medals, winning the 50 metres butterfly in 28.70 secs and then the 50 metres freestyle with a time of 27.25 secs. Hungry for more success, Shwet went on to dominate the longer distance swims as he bagged gold in the 100 metres freestyle in 59.16 secs and signed off by clocking a time of 01:06.21 secs in winning the 100 metres Individual Medley.

In contrast Rabhya started on a winning note as she bagged the 50 metres backstroke with a time of 36.97 secs and then pocketed gold medals in the 50 metres butterfly in 34.90 secs and the 50 metres freestyle in 34.03 secs. Rabhya completed her medal haul by winning both the 100 metres freestyle in 01:09.03 secs and the 100 metres medley 01:19.50 secs.

Meanwhile, Rabhya’s teammate Elisha NG won the gold in the 50 metres breast stroke in 40.78 seconds and finished with one gold, three silver medals and one bronze medal.

Results – Girls’ Under-12: 50M Backstroke: 1. Saanvi Deshwal (Otters) 00:33.96 NMR, 2. Anvi Deshwal (Otters) 00:36.20 BMR, 3. Nishtaa Shetty (Forest Club) 00:36.97; 50M Breaststroke: 1. Saanvi Deshwal (Otters) 00:36.63 NMR, 2.Nishtaa Shetty (Forest Club) 00:39.71, 3.Manvi Verlekar (MGMO) 00:43.69; 50M  Butterfly stroke: 1. Anvi Deshwal (Otters) 00:32.78, 2. Nishtaa Shetty (Forest Club) 00:34.47, 3. Daanya Mehta (YMCA) 00:36.89; 50M Freestyle: 1. Anvi Deshwal (Otters) 00:30.01, 2. Saanvi Deshwal (Otters) 00:30.14, 3. Nishtaa Shetty (Forest Club) 00:33.03; 100M Freestyle: 1. Saanvi Deshwal (Otters) 01:05.63 NMR, 2. Anvi Deshwal (Otters) 01:06.15 BMR, 3. Nishtaa Shetty (Forest Club) 01:12.00; 100M Individual Medley: 1. Saanvi Deshwal (Otters) 01:13.65 NMR, 2. Anvi Deshwal (Otters) 01:18.70, 3. Abigail DSouza (MCF) 01:20.77.

Boys’ Under 14 – 50M Backstroke: 1. Vivaan Sethi (Forest Club) 00:31.50, 2. Shwet Poojary (Forest Club) 00:32.15, 3. Fateh Chahal (Forest Club) 00:32.44; 50M Breaststroke: 1. Shwet Poojary (Forest Club) 00:33.89, 2. Vedant Kumar (CSMSS) 00:35.39, 3. Dhiaan Doshi (Otters) 00:38.14; 50M Butterfly stroke: 1. Shwet Poojary (Forest Club) 00:28.70, 2. Fateh Chahal (Forest Club) 00:31.22, 3. Vedant Kumar (CSMSS) 00:31.62; 50M Freestyle: 1. Shwet Poojary (Forest Club) 00:27.25, 2. Viraj Kharude (MSP) 00:27.78, 3. Fateh Chahal (Forest Club) 00:28.39; 100M Freestyle: 1. Shwet Poojary (Forest Club) 00:59.16, 2. Fateh Chahal (Forest Club) 01:02.00, 3. Viraj Kharude (MSP) 01:02.75; 100M Individual Medley: 1. Shwet Poojary (Forest Club) 01:06.21, 2. Vedant Kumar (CSMSS) 01:11.17, 3. Fateh Chahal (Forest Club) 01:11.44.

Girls’ Under-16 – 50 M. Backstroke:  1. Rabhya Singh (Otters) 00:36.97, 2. Rimsha Syed (Forest Club) 00:41.62, 3. Nia Reddy (GSC) 00:43.80; 50M Breaststroke: 1. Elisha NG (Otters) 00:40.78, 2. Vivian Pellmar (PSP) 00:43.62, 3. Tarini Mazumder (MGMO) 00:44.77; Butterfly stroke: 1. Rabhya Singh (Otters) 00:34.03, 2. Elisha NG (Otters) 00:34.90, 3. Tarini Mazumder (MGMO) 00:35.79; 50M Freestyle: 1. Rabhya Singh (Otters) 00:31.15, 2. Tarini Mazumder (MGMO) 00:32.23, 3. Elisha NG (Otters) 00:32.56; 100M Freestyle: 1. Rabhya Singh (Otters) 01:09.03; 2. Elisha NG (Otters) 01:11.21; 3. Vivian Pellmar (PSP) 01:18.92; 100M Individual Medley: 1. Rabhya Singh (Otters) 01:19.50, 2. Elisha NG (Otters) 01:20.77, 3. Tarini Mazumder (MGMO) 01:29.12.

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