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Media Statement by Yes Bank



Media Statement –

This is with reference to the press release by the Reserve Bank of India (RBI) dated March 05, 2020 and Ministry of Finance Notification, S.O.  993 (E), issued on March 05, 2020, which made an Order of Moratorium in respect of YES BANK Limited till April 3, 2020.

With reference to the above, the withdrawal limit for depositors has been capped at Rs. 50,000 as an aggregate limit for the entire moratorium period, wherein customers will be allowed to withdraw a total of Rs. 50,000/- from their accounts.

Mr. Prashant KumarAdministrator – YES BANKappointed by the Reserve Bank of India, said, “The current moratorium has been brought into effect keeping the depositors’ interest in mind and towards restoring their confidence.  A solution is being worked upon to revive the Bank well before the moratorium period of thirty days ends. The Bank is also taking necessary steps to ensure seamless transactions for the customers. We assure the depositors that their money is safe and there is absolutely no reason to panic. Look forward to continued support from the depositors” as an advisory to customers.

The Bank remains available to address all queries and clarifications. Depositors are requested to get in touch with the nearest branch for any assistance.