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Max Life Insurance launches ‘Max Life Sustainable Equity Fund’; strengthens commitment towards building a sustainable business ecosystem 



  • A pure equity environmental, social, and governance (ESG) fund to encourage investments in socially and environmentally responsible companies
  • This actively managed fund will invest in companies with high ESG scores

New Delhi, 18th May, 2022: Max Life Insurance Company Ltd. (“Max Life” / “Company”) has announced the launch of Max Life Sustainable Equity Fund (ULIF02505/10/21SUSTAINEQU104), a pure-equity ESG fund to encourage investments in companies that focus on environmental, social, and governance factors. With the launch of the ESG fund, Max Life strengthens its customer commitment to helping build a sustainable business ecosystem and integrating ESG compliance into its investment framework.

The Max Life Sustainable Equity Fund responds to the growing demand for responsible investment and will allow customers to invest in firms that maintain appropriate ESG scores. Linked with the Nifty ESG 100 Index, this actively managed fund promotes ESG principles focusing on stocks that form part of benchmark ESG indices and investing in companies with high ESG scores.

Prashant Tripathy, MD & CEO, Max Life said, “There is a rapidly evolving customer segment with a bias for investing in ESG funds. As the preference grows, insurers must design products that allow customers to build wealth by investing responsibly. The ‘Max Life Sustainable Equity Fund’ is a thematic offering that invests in socially responsible companies and evaluates environmental, social and governance standards as part of the investment process. This fund is in line with our transformational, long-term ESG strategy, which is reflective of our purpose and ambition to address ESG goals and drive meaningful impact in the Indian life insurance industry.”

Max Life’s ESG journey has already commenced, supported by four identified pillars of sustainability strategy namely, work ethically and sustainably, care for people and community, financial responsibility, and green operations. The Max Life Sustainable Equity fund is in line with the company’s growing commitment to sustainability, wherein it is increasingly operating responsibly and sustainably, benefiting the environment, society, and investors, thus strengthening its position as an ESG-compliant organization. With the Max Life Sustainable Equity fund, the organization will further focus on the environmental and social risks, as well, while making investment decisions.

As per market analysis, the Nifty ESG Index has outperformed the Nifty 100 Index for the past five years. Hence, this reflects that companies that are better in governance, are socially responsible, and have environmental consciousness have outperformed others, thus making it imperative to invest in sustainable funds for long-term growth and wealth creation.