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Manjiri Fadnnis & Harshvardhan Rane celebrate Hindi Diwas exclusively with Khamakha, an entertaining short film by Aarti S Bagdi




img-20160914-wa0002Mumbai, September 14th 2016: With Hindi Diwas being celebrated today by the entire nation. B- Towners celebrated this special day in the most unique way. On 13th September 2016 a special screening of the short film Khamakha was hosted at The View in the presence of Subhash Ghai, Shreyas Talpade, Karthik Aryan, E. Niwas, Nitin Kakkar, Ellie Avram, Siddhant Kapoor and many more notable names of the industry.

Khamakha is an entertaining, sweet short film by Aarti S Bagdi, for HumaraMovie – an alternate, independent film platform and the largest global creators of short films. Aarti is well known for her short film ‘TIME’ which has more than 7 million and views and approximately 10,000 comments. Manjiri Fadnnis &Harshvardhan Rane will be seen in the lead roles and for the first time in the short film format.

A suave guy finds himself in a state transport bus when his car breaks down. In bus full of villagers his attention is drawn to a striking girl. As he strikes to make a conversation, the difference in the opinion becomes evident. How they accept each other beyond their beliefs is well narrated in the film. Two young people find common ground overcoming their perceptions about language, and looks. Will romance bloom between them?

Recently the industry has seen an upsurge in the short film format and many film stars are choosing to do good content short films. HumaraMovie produced more than 400 films and is leading the way towards Indian consumers & Indian storytellers finding their own, unique voice.

The film is exclusively available on HumaraMovie channel.


Vinay Mishra – Founder, HumaraMovie

“We’re glad to produce Khamakha on our platform this Hindi Diwas. The motive perfectly expresses the essential spirit of Hindi Diwas and pride that is associated with it. While giving a glimpse into the prejudice every human being has through its unique storytelling, Khamakha will be a perfect watch for our viewers. With this HumaraMovie further complements its multiple and engaging bouquets of content offerings for its large and growing viewership”.


Preety Ali – Founder, HumaraMovie

“We have worked with Aarti before. Her earlier short film “Time” is probably the most watched serious Indian short, and definitely the most commented. We like working with her, and we felt Khamakha would be a great way to further our association. Watch Khamakha on our youtube channel, and do give us your feedback. Really looking forward to it”.


Aarti S Bagdi – Film Director

“Khamakha is a story that came to me because of my husband. On one of our daily walks we discussed as to how we end up judging people in our travels. On the basis of what they look like or how they speak. I then decided to take it up as a take on pride and prejudice in languages between a boy and girl who randomly meet on a bus ride. It became more important for me to share and convey that it’s what we speak that is more important and not what language we say it in. My sister Meghna made the script much more fun with the dialogue she penned for it”.

Harshvardhan Rane – Actor

I did this film because i myself have gone through this judgment that English is a test of intelligence. When I met Aarti and saw her work, I was bowled over and after hearing this script and her refreshing simplicity approach of handling the complexity of human emotions,  I was sure. Working with HumaraMovie was as smooth as it gets, they are one of the most chilled out bunch of film makers. Manjari is a bundle of talent packed inside a very striking face. I hope people relate to this sweet conversation of a film. I am very proud to have contributed to Hindi Diwas which is tomorrow by spreading a small message through this sweet film”.


Manjiri Fadnnis – Actress

“Aarti & I have known each other since a while. I had seen a short film she had earlier made with HUMARA Movie called ‘Time’ which was Sooo beautiful & sensitive that it still stayed with me. So I knew she is extremely talented & has a great sensibility as a director. When she came to me with the script of  ‘Khamakha’, I had a big smile on my face after the narration Coz it was almost like this HAD to come to me… I instantly connected to the character I played in this film. Khamakha brings up this prejudice in a very lighthearted non preachy chilled out way through these 2 characters during their short journey but giving a strong message. I’m sure audience will beautifully connect to it. Working with Harshvardhan was awesome! He’s so chilled out & such a natural performer that it felt like a real conversation while shooting … & his subtleness brings in such natural charming nuances”.

HumaraMovie is an alternate, independent film platform which so far has been primarily into short films.  Humaramiovie is the premier destination/ studio for independent, alternate cinema content from India. Please note – the site is under development, though you can get a flavour of the content at

Started in 2012, and today are the largest, global creators of short films. In less than 4 years, Humaramovie:

  1. Has created close to 400 short films, with over 100,000 subscribers & around 50 million views
  2. Film festivals:
  3. Wassup Andheri
  4. Shuruaat (Shuruaat today is the premiere festival for short content talent in India).
  5. Two feature length releases – Greater Elephant &Shuruaatka Interval (Available on iTunes, Google Play, Amazon Prime & Netflix, HotStar and various other platforms globally)
  6. Is distributed on various platforms globally – VOD, TV & Mobile.
  7. Has worked with over 200 filmmakers making it the largest incubator, development lab for cinema in India

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