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Madhu Jayanti International Limited announces the launch of its exclusive ‘TE-A-ME Flavour Station’ at Vivanta by Taj



Picture 1-mti newsGoa,Panaji, 2016: Madhu Jayanti International Limited, the 70 year old leading exporter of teas across 42 countries with more than 10 brands, unveiled the ‘TE-A-ME Flavour Station in the presence of Mr. Sunil Parikh, India Head, TE-A-ME Teas Limited, Mr. Jaikant Shroff, General Manager, Vivanta By Taj, Panaji, in the intimate atmosphere of Vivanta By Taj Hotel. The launch was followed by a tea tasting and appreciation session with renowned tea taster, specialist and auctioneer Mr. Ravi Kidwai, who took the audience through a world of flavoured teas and infusions.

A unique and stylised concept of a mobile tea cart, TE-A-ME Flavour Station aims to make tea drinking experience memorable, as one can choose to brew a flavour of their choice from a wide range of TE-A-ME’s mood inspired teas. While the cart can be manoeuvred from one place to another, it will also be stationed at the banquets, restaurants, giving an ultimate tea drinking experience to each of its visitors.Mr. Ravi Kidwai, Renowned Tea Taster, Specialist-mti news

Tea is an amazingly modern and versatile drink – it can have different avatars, catering to different people, moment and every distinct need. Thus, positioned as ‘a tea for every me’, TE-A-ME aims to connect with the urban individual with multi dimensional lives, by enhancing various experiences and moods at different times and occasions. For every possible mood or benefit desired, TE-A-ME offers a perfect match.

Speaking on the occasion Mr. Sunil Parikh, India Head, TE-A-ME Teas, said, “We are happy to launch ‘TE-A-ME Flavour Station’ at Vivanta by Taj. We would like the residents of Goa to come and experience various moods and our exotic range of tea bags that cater to it by virtue of the TE-A-ME Flavour Station. The flavour station strolling within the premises of the hotel will offer teas all crafted from fine handpicked tea leaves perfectly blended by experts with select ingredients that makes for a perfect brew for the health as well as to soothe the mood”.

He further added, “ From today whenever you feel like a boost of energy, or an elevating sensation, or a tingle of refreshment, or a soothing touch, or an indulgent break, or an embrace of warmth, or a sense of purification, reach out… there is a perfect cup of TE-A-ME waiting to make your moment special. So what are you waiting for?”

Mr. Jaikant Shroff, General Manager, Vivanta By Taj, Panaji, Goa, said, “We are happy to showcase the TE-A-ME’s exotic range of premium teas at our Hotel premises with this unique TE-A-ME Flavour Station. In the present scenario of work and life we are so inundated with technology that we sometimes do not experience finer moments of life, with flavour station, tea may now act as a soother to many to find a calming escape from the hustle bustle of life.”

He further added, “This tea cart will be placed at our restaurant, cafe. We will also serve the exciting range of luxury collection of tea in our hotel for our guests to choose from. Taj is excited to be the destination for exclusive range of teas and infusions in Goa and partner with TE-A-ME to full fill the requirement. Furthermore TE-A-ME exotic range of Fruit and Flower infusions will be served as welcome drinks at our hotel to delight the customers”

~Tea tasting and appreciation session with Mr. Ravi Kidwai~

After the gala Hi-tea, Mr. Ravi Kidwai, Renowned Tea Taster, Specialist & Auctioneer along with Mr. Sunil Parikh, India Head, TE-A-ME Teas and Mr. Jaikant Shroff, General Manager, Vivanta by Taj, Panaji, conducted a tea tasting an appreciation session whilst engaging in a freewheeling chat, talking about the various aspects of the range of tea that TE-A-ME offers. The session was a unique experience where tea drinkers who would like to take the next step in their appreciation of tea gained insider knowledge and tasting tips. Mr. Kidwai selected 6 different luxury collection of TE-A-ME teas for the tasting creating a casual and relaxed two hour session to appreciate fine teas as the audience discovered the best ways to get to know the different types of teas, how they are made, how to brew, how to taste it, when to taste it and what to look out for. It was an exploration of the diversity of tastes from a single plant and also knowing the nuances of flavour and texture influenced by the process, season and moods.

Sharing interesting anecdotes and fines aspects of tea, Mr. Ravi Kidwai said “Tea plays a very important role in countries like India and China. There is a very close relationship between tea and culture. Tea culture is the way, tea is made and consumed, by the way the people interact with tea, and by the aesthetics surrounding tea drinking. Today tea is being used as an ingredient for fine chefs. It’s also becoming part of a way to relax in people’s busy lives. Thus today we bring the lesser known facts about tea and its effects on an individual’s mood.”

The 20 mood-inspired TE-A-ME tea-bag variants enriched with ingredients handpicked from verdant gardens across different countries of the world, and crafted to perfection in tea-bags, thus offers an aromatic experience and visceral delight whenever paired with flavourful food to bringing out the essence of how tea acts as a mood enhancer.

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