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LANXESS water treatment solutions well-positioned to meet the effluent treatment demands of industries in Tiruppur



LANXESS, the global specialty chemicals company, is addressing officials from textile industries, effluent treatment plants and others from the Tiruppur region on ‘textile effluents recycling using ion exchange resins and membranes’. The seminar, held at The Velan Hotels in Tiruppur, by the LANXESS business unit Liquid Purification Technologies, is aimed at offering potential solutions for effluent treatment and waste water recycling in the region.

LANXESS water treatment solutions, consisting of ion exchange resins and reverse osmosis (RO) membranes, are specially suited for processing the effluents generated from the several textile industries and leather tanneries in the region. Such LANXESS solutions also help industries to meet the increasingly stringent regulations with regard to environmental compliance.

Prakash Shanmugam, Head of Business Unit Liquid Purification Technologies, LANXESS India, said on the occasion, “We will be glad to help industries in Tiruppur meet their objectives with regard to waste water/ effluent treatment and offer them tailor-made solutions using our ion exchange resins and RO membranes. We are confident that Lewabrane® RO membrane elements, in combination with our Lewatit® ion exchange resins, can provide answers to all water and wastewater treatment needs.”

At the seminar, LANXESS is also showcasing a few grades of ion exchange resins suitable for applications like high TDS (total dissolved solids) water softening and colour /organic removal.  In addition, attendees (potential customers) will also have a chance to see the spiral-wound membrane elements used for sea water or brackish water desalination.

The family of membranes encompasses a wide range of reverse osmosis (RO), which were specially developed for sea water desalination. LANXESS is producing the reverse osmosis elements at its plant in Bitterfeld, Germany which has been operational since 2011.

With regard to cleaning of industrial wastewater, the removal of toxic, ionic and non-ionic substances is of key importance. LANXESS has a range of special Lewatit® ion exchange and adsorber resins that are able to remove many types of heavy metal ions and organic pollutants. Due to the high selectivity of the resin,

extremely low concentrations are economically achievable, thereby ensuring that only contaminant free water is released in the environment. Some of the specific applications that could be relevant to effluent treatment industries are –  selective removal of fluorides, arsenic, iron and hexavalent chrome from groundwater and industrial waste water.

LANXESS is one of the few companies that offer both ion exchange resins and reverse osmosis membrane elements – two different yet complementary water treatment technologies, thus making it the right partner for a range of industries seeking water and waste water treatment solutions. The company also has a manufacturing unit for ion exchange resins at its site in Jhagadia in Gujarat and along with its excellent technical support, it is well-placed to meet the rapidly growing domestic demand as well as that of the overseas markets.