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The Core Team of WLDC with Dr. Pandit Rathod (MD. WLDC) at the launch of WLDC, Goa.1February 2017; Goa: WLDC (World’s Longest Design Carnival) was recently launched by the prestigious Landscape Group in association with the International Institute of Fashion Design (INIFD) amongst much fanfare. This remarkable evening witnessed several dignitaries of repute in attendance including INIFD CEO Mr. Anil Khosla, Founder of INIFD Mr. Ashok Kaushik, Landscape Group CMD Dr. Pandit Rathod, WLDC Director Mr. Ashok Daryani, Landscape President Retd. IG Mr. Mohan Rathod, internationally renowned celebrity astrologer & Mind Spa trainer Dr. Sundeep Kochar, Director of GOD agency Mr. Sandip Bomble and many more. Dr. Pandit Rathod began the evening on an auspicious note with a traditional puja at the newly built temple of Lord Ganesha and Maa Saraswati at INIFD House, Goa premises located near Calangute beach. Following which, the ribbon cutting ceremony along with the flag hoisting of WLDC & INIFD took place. And given the precise vibe of the beach state, it was soon party time for all the honourable attendees to celebrate the grandiose launch.

WLDC, a one of its kind entity in the field of fashion and interior design, is the brainchild of Dr. Pandit Rathod. Said Dr. Rathod, “We are launching the WLDC program in three destinations. After Goa, we are subsequently launching WLDC in Dubai and Paris in the coming months. It’s a highly distinctive program which will prove beneficial to students wanting a breakthrough in the fashion and interior design industry. We will have reputed trainers, industry experts, celebrities from the said fields, famous national & international designers, design wizards associated with London Fashion Week & Dubai Fashion Week come to Goa to professionally train our students and impart a global perspective in their chosen design field. The talented students will be promoted through #GotTalent and will be getting an opportunity to own franchisees of B&G, participate in Paris Fashion Week, Dubai Fashion Week, India Fashion Week, Design Carnival, ID Fest and even get opportunities to work on TV & Film projects through AR Creations. As we know, youth is the future of your country and must guide and train them appropriately to bring out the latent talent in them towards achieving their aspirations and goals.”

Mr. Anil Khosla, INIFD CEO, stated “WLDC is one of the most unique study program ever that INIFD has launched in association with Landscape Group. It’s a huge life-changing opportunity created for design students across India and abroad by Mr. Pandit who is a distinct visionary along with his vibrant team. Moreover, Goa is not just the tourism capital of India but it has become the tourism capital of Asia and is immensely popular amongst the youth as well as foreigners visiting our country. Here we can cater to more than 10,000 students in a year. WLDC is a holistic study program that promises to develop your skill sets, make you industry friendly and enterprising all at once.”

INIFD is the largest network of design institutes spread over 11 countries and four continents providing exceptional training for enhanced learning. Enrolment for WLDC is open throughout the year and it adheres to the ‘E-N-JOY’ motto wherein the letter ‘E’ signifies Education accompanied with ‘JOY’.

By Lokesh Shastri

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