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Kriti is back on YouTube : and Shirish Kunder claim 5 crores in lawsuit against the makers of BOB



16th July 2016: The long drawn copyright claims over “Kriti” was finally put to rest this Friday, 15th of July as the short film “Kriti” starring Manoj Bajpayee, Neha Sharma, and Radhika Apte is back on YouTube. After suffering false accusations, ignorant trolling on social media and attempts to take away the credit from the filmmakers, the truth has finally prevailed. In the event of a false copyright claim done by makers of BOB and then failing to grant sufficient proof within the given 15 days notice, “Kriti” is back on YouTube. The Producers of the film have not only sought to claim 5 crores in a lawsuit against the team of BOB for damages but they have bigger plans for the film. Due to the overwhelming response from the viewer’s and Shirish Kunder plan to make Kriti a full feature film or a web series in near future.

Mr. Piiyush Singh, Co-founder of stated, “ as platform believes in creativity and understands the struggles that platform like ours face in bringing good cinema to people. One of the major reason for seeking 5 crores in a lawsuit against Mr. Aneel Neupane was to let people with ulterior motives know that there is rule of law, and platform like us and people associated with good cinema are not going to let someone take away the credit for their hard work. Be on the side of truth and it shall always prevail. Being our home production, Kriti is very close to our hearts and we are proud that it is restored back by YouTube. The viewer’s support and love have given us the strength to make it even bigger.”

Advocate Rizwan Siddiquee who is handling the said matter states, “Mr. Aneel Neupane has continuously failed to substantiate his claims and was only relying on evidence which can be easily manipulated with, for obvious reasons. This case has become a cause for concern for filmmakers all over the world, as they need to understand that their work can not only be easily copied by fraudsters, but also evidence can be easily manipulated by such fraudsters if the said matter is not handled in a proper manner”.

The short film which was released on 22nd of June garnered rave reviews from audience and critics alike. The plan to make it into a web series or film was recently decided and Mr. Shirish Kunder commented on the same saying, “Kriti was never treated as a short film. Since the inception of the idea, we have always thought of it as a full-fledged feature film and put a lot of efforts in it. Today after nearly 3 Million people watching it and film getting global audience from places like Brazil, Poland, Egypt, Israel, and many more countries, and I have decided to double out efforts and showcase more of “Kriti” to our audience through the format of a web series or a feature film.” is a Video-On-Demand platform that encourages young and creative talent to showcase their ideas and thoughts. They, give such talent a levy to bring across path-breaking work and contributions to the entertainment industry. Previously, has produced short films like Taandav that crossed the 1 million views in no time