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Kanwal Foods – The spices and flavours of Kashmir



Kanwal foods and Spices is one company that has transformed the landscape of Kashmir spice trade in the state of J&K. It is a private limited company and has its major manufacturing and processing facilities at Anantnag, Srinagar, Jammu, Delhi and Bangalore. It is a reputed name in the world of spice trade especially that of blend spices, instant mixes, Kashmiri saffron etc.

Kanwal Foods & Spices (I) Pvt. Ltd started in 1971 as an humble but a novel idea of its founder Mr. Mohammad Ameen, who through his strenuous and honest efforts has guided it to grow to its present level of a rupees 1 Billion  turnover company providing employment, directly indirectly, to more than 10000 people. Kanwal Foods & Spices (I) Pvt. Ltd enjoy a market share of 85% in spice and other related food products and has started supplying its well received products to other states of India and also to countries like South Africa, Middle East and Europe.

Spices and mankind are linked to each other inseparably since the beginning of civilization. Interestingly the importance of a wide range of spices in human life has increased manifold with the passage of time and the relation between the two (spices and mankind) strengthened further, for obvious reasons.

Today, we can say with authority that the spices have become an integral part of daily cuisine in every home across the globe, not to talk of marriage ceremonies, festivals, social and even religious functions.

If the appearance of spices were to reflect their real importance in the history of world, the spices would be filled with bright glittery diamonds, rubies, emeralds or gold. Spices and Spice products are known to have inspired trade.

The significance of spices lies in their ability to heal and perpetuate life. It can be safely said that spices’ trade considered as a royal trade has grown immensely over the centuries. Given the increasing significance of spices, people from all walks of life have tried their luck in the spices’ market.

Since past nearly five decades, we at ‘Kanwal’ deal with this invaluable natural material. We feel proud to be a part of the rich heritage of the spices trade which of course has added to economy through the ages. We are committed to the procurement, processing and packaging of all kinds of spices with their mystical fragrance, aroma and taste. As soon as you open a packet, the natural fragrance and aroma of spices stimulates your sense and ornaments your dishes in colour and taste.

We are constantly working to improvise and diversify our product range with our dedicated Research and Development (R&D) team, which is always busy in discovering every facet of it. We are proud of our rich traditional Kashmiri Wazwan and do our best to explore and preserve it by creating basic spices, spice blends, traditional mixes and ready to cook Wazwan gravies. We will eagerly look forward to your feedback and suggestions to improve in the ever growing world of spices.

At Kanwal, we always strive to add KASHMIR! Flavour in Global Cuisine and unveiling Traditional flavours of Kashmir.

M. Ameen Chadinoo

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