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Heavenly Organic Saffron – only from Kashmir



One of the best Saffron comes from Kashmir because Kashmiri saffron is the sweetest, most precious spice in the world. Its strands are thicker and more fragrant than its counterpart from Iran, which accounts for more than 90 percent of the world’s saffron production.

And one of the Organic Saffron production companies working in Kashmir is ‘Jawda’. They produce high quality Saffron which is much superior in quality and taste. It’s very well packaged in clean environment and is highly sought after by people across the world.

Jawda also produces other herbs and spices like Jawda Shilajit which is a natural booster for energy, immunity and most importantly it is used in energising your sex life.

Walnut, Walnut Kernel, Mamara Badam, Rajma Dal, and Honey are some of the products that Jawda produces and the entire process from soil to seeds to plants and finally the product are all completely organic.

Organic farming is risky as it involves only natural resources and no chemical pesticides and fertilisers or even preservatives or artificial colours. The only favourable advantage is the fertile mountainous soil and well suited temperatures and clean air and water. Truly Kashmir is Heaven on earth and it’s products have a heavenly touch.

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