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Jaslok Hospital Celebrates Breast Cancer Survival



Mumbai 27th Oct’16: Jaslok Hospital & Research Centre celebrated Breast Cancer Survival and salutes the spirit of those who never give up with Hon Health Minister Dr. Deepak Sawant, Mrs. Farah Khan, Ms. Rochelle Potkar, Ms. Neelam Kumar, Mrs. Phiroza Abraham, Ms. Sarah Jane, Ms. Abha Singh. All girls band InDiva performed and ensure patient forgot about their illness and had only one hope that was CURE. Jaslok Hospital and Research centre concluded an evening that saluted the breast cancer survivors.

screen-shot-2016-10-28-at-12-48-04-amThe evening started with Hon Health Minister Dr. Deepak Sawant encouraging the survivors by sharing insights that breast cancer is curable It was followed by a discussion with experts who provided guidance to patients and their families. Mrs Farah Khan Indian film director & feminist, Ms. Rochelle Potkar Author of bestseller ‘The Arithmetic of breasts and other stories’, Ms. Neelam Kumar two-time Breast Cancer Survivor, Ms. Phiroza Abraham feminist and Social Activist, Ms. Sarah Jane a VJ, winner of Femina Miss India, Ms. Abha Singh a Sr lawyer and Social Activist, Dr Advani, one of India’s best oncologists who recently won the Padma Bhushan, the country’s third-highest civilian award got together to share insights on difference between breast cancer and breast tumors, Aftermath of breast cancer diagnosis since more than 3 million women in our country are now living in the aftermath of a breast cancer diagnosis, median age of diagnosis of breast cancer, Types of breast cancer based on the biology of the tumors, how true prevention means stopping breast cancer before it develops, role of complementary therapies: In addition to medical treatments such as surgery, radiation, chemotherapy and hormonal therapy, role of genetics to understand the future, Is Mammography prevention and Life after breast cancer for a women. Evening, then saw the cancer heroes narrating their stories and finally ended with the celebration of courage of women by Indiva’s who believe that we that a fighting spirit can truly heal. neelam-kumar-abha-singh-rochelle-potkar-phiroza-abraham-dr-tarang-ceo-at-jaslok-hospital-research-centre-dr-sh-advani-director-medical-oncology-at-a-panel-discussion-at-jaslok-hospital-re

“Forty three years after Jaslok’s inception, I am happy to share that we strive every single day to live up to one singular goal of ‘experiential healthcare’. We want our patients to always think of life after cure and attribute the disease to having an experience. With the best doctors who are internationally renowned in their field of expertise we work to ensure that we fulfill our promise to each patient and that is ‘Live life to the fullest’ and ‘Disease Is Temporary, Cure Is Permanent’. As a part of our mission to help those affected by breast cancer through early detection, education and support services, we gladly conclude todays evening with a detailed discussion for women to take breast cancer in their stride and come out of it as a winner. Idea is to increase awareness around the disease so that there is early detection through preventive care. We want masses to identify issues early in time as oppose to shying away from it and also celebrate those who have not given up their fight with cancer” says Dr. Tarang. While addressing the crowd, Honourable Health Minister Dr. Deepak Sawant said, “Dr Tarang has given a very good name to this initiative” PinkNote”.

Jaslok Hospital & Research Centre has a good team of oncologist which goes to rural Maharashtra and taking a view of breast cancer. Of course chemotherapy, medicines and surgeries are answer to Breast Cancer, but government of Maharashtra will always support Jaslok Hospital in whatever way possible. Such kinds of programs should be organized by your hospital more frequently in your hospital in different parts of Mumbai and Maharashtra. I am really obliged and thankful to Jaslok Hospital to give me this chance to meet these conquerors. I must say, that this is the victory of a woman power because they have conquered the disease, the pain, agony but are still laughing and taking it as a fight. So congratulations to everyone who has conquered this disease called Breast Cancer.

While expressing her excitement, Indian Choreographer, actor and Producer Farah Khan said, I am very happy to be here. Because Jaslok has been my home for many months, my children were born here and everybody from the lift man to the doctors , everyone is a family for me here. This place has a special meaning for me and off course Dr Tarang has invited me to come and motivate the women’s but I must say that I have been motivated by them. You people are not cancer survivors but are cancer conquerors. While addressing the audience Dr. Tarang further added, “Allow me to conclude by bringing alive that we are also proud to provide a high level of care but equally proud that our charitable trust makes it possible for us to provide free or highly subsidized care to the poorest and neediest. Also Jaslok hospital and Research centre is happy to announce Mammography test at a discount rate of 50% to the women present at this event.”