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Introducing Identify, The World for Transgender



Transgenders at Ulhasnagar

~ A PAN India initiative that aims at identifying and supporting the trans community ~

June, 2020, Mumbai; The nationwide lockdown has caused a drastic change in our day-to-day routines. Similarly, the transgender community who were solely dependent on the alms they made in the ladies’ compartments of Mumbai locals, at the signals or through sex working are equally feeling helpless as all their means of earning has come to a standstill. The ongoing calamities and its impact on the community has eventually led the team behind Identify, The World for Transgender launch their PAN India initiative that aims at providing a helping hand to the community.


Since the launch of Identify, The World for Transgender in June 2020, the young team has successfully reached out to 130 transgenders providing basic essentials for the day to day living like Rice, Dal, Aata, Oil, Salt, Dry Snacks, Safety Kits like Sanitizers, Masks, to name a few. The objective is to reach maximum trans across the country and look at employment opportunities for the community.


Ankita Wagle, Founder, Identify, The World for Transgender, says, “This is one community that has been ignored largely by our society. Through Identify, The World for Transgender, we want to spread the message of respecting and helping the communities as we truly believe in equality. I was fortunate enough to have the support of my family, friends, relatives who helped me raise funds to arrange for the essentials for the trans community. Through the initiative’s social media platforms, I am trying to reach maximum audience by sharing our transgender’s stories to earn them live a dignified life. The aim is to not only help them during the lockdown phase but also to hunt employment for the community in the near future.”


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