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INFS launches ‘Basic Nutrition and Fitness course’, free of charge, to support beginners in their fitness careers 



Mumbai, 18th February 2021
: One of the largest fitness certification institute in the country, INFS, has released a free course – ‘Basic Nutrition and Fitness Course’ to help people get started in demystifying Nutrition and Fitness. The course will introduce the scholars to the basic terms and concepts at a practical level at no charge. This initiative by INFS is revolutionary for beginners considering to take charge of their health by following scientific principles.

The objective of the ‘Basic Nutrition and Fitness Course’ is to set the groundwork for beginners and familiarize them with the science behind fitness and health in a very simplified way.

Upon enrolling for this Basic Course at no cost, the students will not only learn the fundamentals of nutrition, diet, and exercise but also design their own diet and activity plans. INFS scholars will have access to experienced faculty members, whom they can reach out to through the planned tutorial sessions or through the Discussion Forums on the INFS website.

Commenting on the launch, Ms. Jyoti Dabas, Founder, INFS, said, “We at INFS are dedicated to providing several online certificate courses that aim at building skillful fitness professionals, improving the lives of millions. When we planned on launching the first free course at INFS, our agenda was to reach out and help all beginners to understand the basic scientific principles of nutrition and fitness. Today, an increasingly large number of people continue to suffer due to unhealthy and stressful lifestyles. We are committed to bringing a change by offering this basic course affordable to every fitness enthusiast.”

To enroll in the Basic Nutrition and Fitness Course students will have to visit the INFS website. They will be trained by some amazing experts from different colleges and universities, all having certification  by INFS as well as other professional qualifications –

  • Dr. Akshay- MSc Human Nutrition (University of Surrey)
  • Aditya Mahajan – NESTA Sports Nutrition Specialist
  • Anshul Dhamande- Personal Trainer – Coaching physique athletes and Powerlifters
  • Akshita Arora- NESTA Sports Nutrition Specialist
  • Praveen – Personal Trainer – Training clients around injuries (pursuing)