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Indian men connect on Twitter to showcase their culinary skills



As the global coronavirus pandemic continues to keep people indoors, men are spicing up their lives, for real. Excuse us for the pun, it was a tempting invitation as Twitter is witnessing an increase in people’s appetite for conversations on food and cooking. With people struggling to find new and creative ways to fight boredom and anxiety, many, especially men, have turned to the kitchen to channel their energies into scrumptious meals.

A significant number of men have been taking over their kitchens and polishing their culinary skills to treat their families. While some of them are obligated to help their wives and mothers, others are taking up cooking as a new hobby. With men posting pictures from their kitchens and dining tables, Twitter is seeing a new army of chefs being formed in these times.

Trying a new recipe every other day, men on Twitter are sharing the joys and struggles of cooking with their fellows with hashtags like #BeTheREALMAN and #LetMenCook. Chefs and celebrities are also joining these conversations and sharing their cooking tips and experiments on the service.