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India misses Maggi after all” – A survey by Airloyal



Maggi- infographicIt was the worst nightmare for every food lover when a ban was declared on Maggi after it was pronounced hazardous and unsafe for human consumption. The youth of India wanted to voice out their opinions how much they missed their 2-minute noodles. Airloyal, a marketplace for mobile engagement, has used its own product – Insights, to find out their opinion on what they had to say about the ban on their favourite noodle brand.

Insights is a product by Airloyal that helps in getting insights and opinions through targeted mobile surveys and, these are answered by the 7 million user base that Airloyal’s ladooo app has.

Airloyal’s ladooo app–available on Google Play–lists down different micro-tasks along with rewards on behalf of the brands, to be completed by ladooo users. There are over 7 million users who are using ladooo app.

The survey was taken up by 5000 respondents from across the country. Meanwhile the new chief of Nestle India, Suresh Narayan is working persistently to bring Maggi back to stands. Key highlights of the survey as follows:


More than 65% of the respondents miss Maggi


Of this percentage, the boys seem to miss Maggi the most i.e. about 35% of the one who miss the noodle brand. 




Which state misses Maggi the most? 





Use the map of India here and mark the cities with numbers ranking 1 to 5:

·         Maharashtra

·         West Bengal

·         Uttar Pradesh

·         Gujarat

·         Tamil Nadu










65% of the respondents feel that Maggi can never be replaced

Is there a substitute to Maggi? 









Would you have Maggi ever again, given that it has the ‘hazardous’ label?


62% still believe that Maggi is safe and can’t wait to get their hands on a Maggi packet!




“There has been nothing like Maggi, and there will never will be”, says Rakesh Balakrishnan, 19 year Engineering student from Mumbai.

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