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Importance of Nature in Architecture and Designing



The phenomena of the physical world collectively, including plants, animals, the landscape, and other features and products of the earth, as opposed to humans or human creations is often described as nature and we all are a creation of nature. In daily life, human connecting to fellow human is very usual and at times tedious too. Every human in some corner of his heart has a connection with nature. Of course, needless to say, some might connect with water while some might connect with landscape, animals or other natural products of the earth as it is subjective.

Architecture & Design with Nature have a fascinating connect. In the journey of design, every designer aims to consolidate various elements through the play of materials which are often impressive, intricate but human-made substances. These factors in design quite obviously make the space look magnificent but however it lasts only for a short number of years.

The moment an element of nature is incorporated in the design in the most minimalistic manner by even hanging up a piece of art that connects with your nature of interest, the whole organism of perception changes. The simple reason to it being the ability to grasp the intuitive understanding and insight towards it becomes stronger. The soul and mind start responding and feel comfortable with that element of your interest. Just to give you an easier understanding of this, a human when has an option to socialise and fraternise always opts to do so with the same breed as it feels connected. Every action is understood much easier and it feels uncomplicated to let go of every emotion running within because of a simple god gifted connect.

In the same way, every human soul has some connection with its kind of nature that matches with him or her and it is extremely important for designers to resonate and incorporate those elements in design for their clientele. Some really negative spaces in design can be converted into positive pockets with this natural gift of enumerating elements from the physical world. It helps the person living in the surrounding to attract and interact with positive energy into his or her lifestyle.

Contemporary genre of design always pleases many people due to its utilisation of natural materials like wood, concrete, rustic finishes, metal etc. They always believe in ‘less is more’ and the highlighting element in a design is majorly an element that connects or resonates with nature.

For decades, SDA designs has helped shape several interior and architectural projects, spanning across India and other parts of the globe, offering services comprising  conceptualization, planning, strategy, project management and more. SDA Designs cater to a wide array of projects, varying in nature and scale, from homes, offices, industrial complexes, hospitality sector, etc.

The author of this article is Mr. Muneeb Sufyan, Partner-Architect, SDA Designs

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