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H&R Johnson launches the Red Ramp Project



catH&R Johnson (India), India’s leading integrated lifestyle solution provider today launched “The Red Ramp Project” – an initiative aimed at encouraging the general public & policy makers to start seriously thinking about providing disable people access at public spaces all across the country. The initiative, conceptualized by Soho Square Mumbai, is a small step by H&R Johnson to make this topic become a discussion point amongst the people of India and thereby possibly reach policy-makers who can influence the government and begin the journey towards an access-friendly India.

To ensure involvement and garner support for this initiative, H&R Johnson has created a portal asking people to provide inputs and comments along with pictures of places where there is a necessity to create ramps that make public spaces access-friendly for the disabled. This portal will also act as a one point contact for people to connect across social media platforms and increase conversation on the topic.

Associating with this movement, leading film personality, Ms. Katrina Kaif said, “This is a wonderful initiative by H&R Johnson and it addresses an important need that is often overlooked: that of making public spaces accessible for physically challenged people. I hope the campaign results in ramps being built in more places making them more accessible to more people.”

To build awareness and address this behavioral change within people H&R Johnson along with Soho Square has also created a film that focuses on three independent individuals with varying physical challenges, and their quest to visit a beach (Link to video: ).

Commenting on this initiative, Mr. Sushil Matey, Chief Operating Officer H&R Johnson said, H&R Johnson was looking to do some larger good as a brand. We did evaluate few initiatives but this one appealed the most to us because of its need in India and its uniqueness and scalability. We expect this movement to gain traction as more people, Govt bodies and NGO’s participate in it. We at H&R Johnson shall be happy to contribute in this noble cause.”

 Anuraag Khandelwal, ECD and Creative Head, Soho Square, Mumbai says, “This has really happened after a lot of personal experience; I have been on crutches since childhood. Public spaces like temples, beaches, cinema halls, railway stations, cafes etc are mostly out of bounds. Small joys are a big struggle. Hope that this initiative sparks debates, conversations, and some change.”

With more than 10 million physically challenged people in the country, most disabled people (moving in wheel chairs and crutches) live normal lives except when accessing basic public spaces like office buildings, railway stations, beaches, airports, malls, cinema halls, parks and religious spaces like temples, churches, mosques, gurudwaras, etc. – every place the rest of us take for granted. It is a worrying fact that only 5% of India is disable-friendly. The movement will hopefully nudge every individual to contribute in some small capacity starting by looking at the environment around them with sensitized eyes.


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