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How tech startups are gearing up for Unlock 2.0



While we slowly but steady move into a new normal and prepare for Unlock 2.0 in the country, many tech startups are also preparing and introducing new technological innovations that can help limit us to the infections of virus. Tech startups have been playing a significant role in bringing about some sense of normalcy in the way we work, commute or basically just hang out.

While we prepare for Unlock 2.0, below are a few tech startups that have introduced some unique solutions which have a combination of contact tracing solutions, Indoor Air purification and tech driven parking solutions.

Magneto CleanTech introduces Air Sanitization solution to prevent air transmission of COVID-19

Magneto’s advanced central air cleaner helps stop the spread of COVID-19: In order to maintain the apt air sanitization standards, Magneto CleanTech launched an enhanced version of their cutting-edge Magneto Central Air Cleaner, now co-powered by Filterless Magnetic Air Purification (FMAP) and Ultraviolet (UVGI) technology. This high efficiency air filtration system based on “Trap & Kill process now combines with anti-microbial UV-C rays which thoroughly decontaminate the indoor air by killing over 90% of airborne viruses and infections instead of letting them grow. Magneto Central Air Cleaner now comes equipped with the combined power of dual forces of magnetism & UV-C to amplify the microbe elimination on even the smallest viruses complying the global industry guidelines for preventive measures from spread of diseases like COVID-19.

Staqu – Video Analytics to smart monitoring

A Gurgaon-based startup, Staqu, recently announced an array of offerings to facilitate superior COVID-19 response. The brand is leveraging its proprietary video analytics platform JARVIS to roll out cutting-edge use cases aimed at identifying, tracing, and curbing the spread of COVID-19 and similar contagion. The video analytics is the only way to monitor all the compliances and guidelines in new normal. The offerings include COVID-19 identification, Suspect Tracing, PPE monitoring, Security, Safety and Hygiene Analytics and People Analytics.

Park+ Automated smart parking in India,

A smart parking start-up has introduced a tech-driven social distancing solution for malls. The newly-launched solutions are aimed at preparing malls for reopening and ensuring maximum safety while searching for a parking spot. This app will enable the mall personnel to check-in and out of customers as well as track and check body temperatures. Customers will also have to scan a QR code before entering or leaving a shop, which will help keep a real-time check on the number of footfalls in each store

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