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GrownOut Unveils the First-of-its-kind Next-gen Referral Hiring Technology Solution



GrownOut, India’s premier online referral hiring Technology Company launches its unique first-of-its-kind revolutionary referral hiring technology solution at the ‘SHRM India HR Technology Conference & Exposition’ organised by SHRM (Society for Human Resource Management), India. This SAAS based online tool named “GrownOut” will help HR personnel across varied industries, to streamline and manage the talent acquisition process. Jeremy Ames, CEO of Hive Tech HR, a Massachusetts-based consultancy, Kyle Lagunas, Talent Acquisition Analyst at Brandon Hall Group and Sumit Gupta, CEO and Founder, GrownOut unveiled the product at the conference and exhibition, today.

The launch focused on the need for efficient technology backed recruitment solutions in the HR market and how referral hiring processes can control attrition and improve retention rates to a huge extent.

Speaking at the launch, Sumit Gupta, Co-Founder and CEO, GrownOut commented, “As we had anticipated, the response from the audience was spectacular. They were curious and was indeed intrigued witnessing the path breaking solution. Referral hiring methodologies will go through a sea change if the HR personnel can directly reach out to the existing employee’s network and technology in turn can make sense of the huge network and provide the HR shortlisted candidates. Unlike the traditional referral hiring procedure, HR does not have to depend on employee action and will have complete control over the entire process. Employees, in turn, do not need to go through the rigorous task of understanding the job description, search in their networks and social circles and share communications across multiple platforms in order to reach out to the right candidate. He/she is rewarded purely for the people he is familiar or connected to.”

“The Technology of GrownOut can flip the whole process of Referral Hiring and reduce the hiring cycle by around 600%.”, he concluded.

GrownOut works in a unique manner. Once the HR or Hiring Manager of a firm posts a job vacancy, the tool taps into the existing employees social and professional connections all over the internet and also analyses various other information available in the public domain to shortlist the potential candidates’ who are best suited for the particular job. Thus it brings forth a very rich data of professional connections. This tool dramatically eases the recruitment/selection process as it shortlists candidates automatically basis the job description fed into the software. The shortlisted candidates are then contacted via employees to whom they are connected and are then called in directly for the interview process.

The launch session was followed by a 30 minute LIVE demonstration which delved into how the technology works and how it can mitigate impending challenges HR professionals face today. Over 500 attendees and100 CHRO’s and technology experts were present from across the globe.

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