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GHIDThe biggest buzz word in lighting Industry in India today is “gHID”. gHID technology has revolutionized lighting around  the world  and  India is now ready to adopt this next generation, innovative, and proven technology for green, energy efficient, environmentally sustainable lighting.

Mr.Jason Ramsey founded Genesys Global- USA ,  to develop and commercialize the new technology in 2009.  During his visit to India in February, 2017, Ramsey explained :  “Genesys has a unique, customer focused approach towards lighting.  gHID technology can save up to 72% of the energy of standard HID lighting and increase lamp life by 2 to 3 times, without sacrificing the light quality customers need. gHID ballasts replace conventional ballasts and can be installed inside almost any existing HID fixture.  Retrofits prevent the material waste of a new lighting fixture, greatly reduce capital cost, and are green and sustainable. The substantial energy and maintenance savings created by gHID almost nullifies operational costs and is affordable to every service sector for street lights, highbay and warehouse lights, compound lights, stadium lights, sign boards, and much more. Returns on investment are high and payback is very quick. gHID overcomes the issues associated with other energy efficient lighting technologies such as thermal management (a problem for many LEDs), high cost, and huge material waste.”

Ramsey also added, “the analog circuitry of gHID is built to sustain high temperatures; this makes gHID more reliable and durable in hot climates than other popular lighting solutions. Together with its uniform light distribution, gHID is a true long term energy efficient solution for outdoor lighting applications.”

gHID has been successfully installed across India at major Industries, corporations, Technology Institutes ,and on signboards and is currently under trial at  Government, railways, and ports locations in India.

Developed at Oak Ridge National Laboratories in the USA, gHID is manufactured by Artesyn Embedded Technologies, an affiliate of Emerson, and is certified by Underwriters Laboratories (UL), an internationally recognized independent product  safety organization.

Upgrades to gHID are eligible for significant utility rebates in most states.

When asked whether Genesys has any plans to manufacture its product in India under the ‘Make in India ‘   program;  ’Jason explained  that Genesys is in the final stages of launching a joint venture ‘ M/s Genesys India Pvt Ltd ‘ with their Indian partners Mr. Akshay Jain and Mr. Surendra Sardesai, who have large industry base and extensive track record of providing complex technology solutions and manufactured products to Indian industry, government, and corporations. In regards to manufacturing in India, Ramsey said “the likelihood is high once we prove commercial traction with some of the large consumer base for energy efficient lighting in India.”

This extensively tested and proven gHID technology will deliver high returns on investment, quick payback, and exceptionally energy efficient lighting to users in India & the Joint venture M/s Genesis India, is all set to make India a part of the gHID lighting revolution.

“I have gone  deeply  through the gHID technology  and  through the  results of the  field trials conducted on the  gHID products  at  Institutes, Corporates  and corporations  in India   .  Field trials are conducted using the right trial methodology and measurements   done using the most modern and reliable   instrumentation. gHID application can provide pure light with substantial  energy savings .   According to me “gHID technology  is  the ultimate and long term solution for Green , energy efficient  and environmentally sustainable lighting   in India” says R.D.Goyal – Former Director , GAIL (India ) Ltd.

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