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Failures cannot stop you to become a successful person – Shan Alam Khan



Meet Mr. Alam the founder of Alam Tutorial, a Coaching class that focuses on the overall development of students based in Motilal Nagar, Goregaon West. MTI News Editor in Chief Mr. Riyaz Ahmed interviews Mr. Shan Alam Khan to find out, how did he think of imparting education as a career and what his overall development and future plans are.

Alam  sir explained that he was just an ordinary average student in school and faced the same challenges that every student faced. He did not have a goal or any focus on why he was studying or how it will help him in life etc. speaking his heart out he said “I was weak in some subjects and had failed for two consecutive years from 1996 till 1998, I was very weak in Algebra and Geometry. Mathematics was my weak point. But I worked hard and with a little support from some teachers, I somehow passed and made it in 1998. I believe that failures cannot stop you to become a successful person in life but you need to work very hard and prove yourself. I believe that today I am a very successful person in my life and I am the founder of Alam Tutorial and teach Mathematics and science to all my students and completed 18 years of journey in Alam Tutorial. In the future, I want to make Alam Tutorial a big education hub and become a role model to those who lay down after some failures. I am very happy that today I am not only a successful teacher but also a very successful model I do a ramp walk for “Lakme India Fashion Week” and other big fashion shows. Today I don’t want to talk about this I will talk about this some other day the reason to tell this story is that students should not be afraid of failures.

In college, I took up the Science stream and again found a little challenge in Mathematics again my hard work and dedication bore fruit and after 12th I had got a grasp in mathematics.

My mother supported me and had confidence in me that I will do well in my studies, she was my biggest strength. And today it is because of her blessings that I am able to shape the lives of so many students.

I started teaching as a hobby, actually, my father wanted me to enjoy life and used to give me a lot of pocket money. He said that he will take care of my expenses and I need not work. Yet for my self-respect, I wanted to work.

I used to have a lot of clout in my college, I would tell my friends that I would pay their bills, and yet there was my friend, who was adamant that she would pay her own bill and she did not even get pocket money but earned through giving home tuition to children.

I was inspired by her and started taking home tuitions as well, and actually got pleasure when the students were successful. After the demise of my father, my uncle suggested that I give tuition at home to the students. During the years 2004 to 2007, I struggled a lot and did a lot of odd jobs day and night but I wanted to do something on my own.

In 2007 I got married and dedicated myself to tuition as a full-time career with the full support of my wife Tabassum whom I was in a relationship since 11th standard, She also started handling many batches and manages the business as well. People trusted us and my business grew, I expanded my coaching classes and today the results are in front of everyone.

In the past 18 years and in the next 20 – 25 years I will have a complete focus on making the careers of students. I thank God to have bestowed me with this noble profession that I am able to add value and purpose to the lives of my students. I feel great when I enhance the value in their lives and they in turn become good citizens and make their parents proud.

I ensure that in addition to academics, I also focus on their communication and personality development, to give them a wholesome all-around strong foundation for their successful future.

I firmly believe that all students must hone these seven skills namely Listening, reading, writing, understanding, Explanation, Imagination, and Communication to enhance their all-around personality.

At Alam Tutorials we believe that from standard 1 to 4 we should not put pressure on students with a lot of studies, therefore we take students from 5th standard to 10th and we also have Science and Commerce sections as well. We give them counseling to give them a focus or a goal in life and make them understand the importance of education and how it will be useful in shaping their career.

Regarding future plans, I want to make Alam tutorials an Education Hub. I don’t want to limit ourselves to just education, I want to inculcate an idea in all my students ‘ Everyone Teach one’ I want everyone to teach anything they know best, like even guitar training or
because when you impart education or training you will always be able to earn your living.

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