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#EntrepreNaari turns to woman-led digital organisation, Think North Consulting, for its launch




A joint venture by Aspire for Her & Project Naveli

Tuesday, 13 July, 2021, Think North Consulting, has become the branding, marketing and strategic partner for #EntrepreNaari, a new network that makes business resources, mentorship, learning opportunities and guidance easily accessible to established and aspiring women entrepreneurs. The aim of the network is to change the diversity equation for women entrepreneurship in India — and the need for such a network is apparent. Within hours of the launch, #EntrepreNaari welcomed its first 500+ members.

#EntrepreNaari is a community for and by women. It is a joint venture by two phenomenal organisations working within the gender equality space — Aspire For Her, which is led by Madhura DasGupta Sinha, and Project Naveli by Navya Nanda. Supporting the network in a leadership role is Dipika Singh, Founder, She Means Business. The launch was powered by yet another woman-led organisation — Think North Consulting. Founded by Anuradha Agarwal, Think North Consulting is a highly-recognised branding, marketing communications and marketing technology firm that caters to dynamic organisations across diverse industries and verticals. Anuradha also serves as a Director for JanaJal, a brand that is striving to make safe water available to communities.

As a part of the launch strategy, it is the Think North team who coined the term ‘EntrepreNaari’, and went about creating a unique brand identity and a strong digital presence. They were an equal and enthusiastic part of all the launch activities.

“Shout out to Anuradha for the name and the association, it captures everything that we are trying to build so perfectly. The aim is to support other women who are successfully running businesses and a lot of resources that we are creating are to give the women a one up in the business world and making sure that they succeed

said Navya Nanda on the launch of #EntrepreNaari.


Thinking North for #EntrepreNaari

This idea behind #EntrepreNaari resonated, not just with Anuradha, but with her entire team. Some of them had first-hand experience of the gap that #EntrepreNaari was trying to bridge; others were simply keen to be a part of the solution. All of them were determined to see the launch enjoy huge success — and they were willing to give it their all to make it happen.

They polished and fine-tuned the user experience from end to end, making sure that creativity was complemented by flawless planning. These efforts and the team’s expertise in design thinking were very apparent in the #EntrepreNaari launch. They ensured and managed the coordinated digital activities for both Aspire For Her as well as Project Naveli.

Apart from the many members that the network has gained already, #EntrepreNaari has made quite an impression among industry leaders, influencers and change-makers. Several big corporate and social impact giants have reached out with messages of congratulations and have expressed an interest in partnering with the community.

But of course, the biggest winners here are the women entrepreneurs themselves. In fact, many of them have already started referring to themselves as EntrepreNaaris. That, according to Anuradha, has been their greatest measure of success.

“When a campaign idea becomes a part of the industry vocabulary, that’s the biggest indicator of success. It shows that people are relating to and embracing the network, which at the end of the day, is what this is all about.”

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