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Eazy ERP – Enabling Technology for ease of doing business



mr-kunal-singhalEntrepreneur Mr. Kunal Singhal, a Chartered Accountant by profession and a hard core technology professional started his venture in 2007 to develop ERP solutions which place effective financial management at the heart of business systems and processes with the knack of Tally. Kunal sensed abundant opportunity budding from the road map laid by the Modi Government for the food industry, which lays due emphasis on the adoption of technology. ERP was one area where Kunal could combine his financial and technical knowledge.

The demand was high and the solution had to be unique. Kunal devised Eazy ERP, a unique solution that easily integrates with Tally- one of the most widely used financial software in India, thereby making ERP adoption easy for the Indian customers. The idea was not to compete with Tally but complement it. Eazy ERP takes just about 2 to 3 months to be implemented for a midsized business and the price range starts from as low as 3 lakhs, which includes research, implementation, and training and unlimited user licenses.

The software is so simple- it requires just a standard PC to run. In fact, if a system can run tally, it can run Eazy ERP. There is no additional hardware cost burden. The company also provides resident ERP engineers for handholding the customers at no additional cost. The ERP offers installation on both, premise or cloud options with hybrid cloud depending on the company’s requirements. Eazy ERP offers an NDA to ensure data security for the customer. Moreover, all the data is secured on servers based in India. This not only ensures data security, but also improves latency issues. All data is backed up on different disaster recovery sites at different locations in Noida and Mumbai.

For a Business owner who needs to focus on Business expansion and growth, thereby getting free from having to directly monitor all transactions all the time and have a complete information system in real time with compliance issues taken care of, Eazy ERP is the most ideal solution. The cost can be recovered by getting timely information which will help take timely decisions.

Eazy ERP has introduced ERP solutions, highly customised for the food industry. Considering that food is a perishable product and logistics have always been a concern, a minute mistake like a day’s delay in a shipment can be disastrous!

Majority of SMEs work either traditionally using spreadsheets and excel sheets or accounting software in the name of technology. To get SMEs to move from traditional systems to an International technology system requires huge amount of money, time and human resource. That is where customization plays its part. Eazy ERP is specifically designed for SMEs. Moreover, customization for food processing industry makes it even more fit to suit Indian SME Food Processing Industry.

Need for Customization:

Huge process changes leads to the failure of implementation of ERP due to lack of adaptation. Eazy ERP minimizes this, which allows SMEs to have benefits of using an ERP without having to worry about huge investments of time, money etc.

  1. “Eazy ERP for Food Processing Industry” is  customized as per the business processes allows  smooth working of the employee and quick acceptance of the software, as workflows or processes remains the same only technology changes.
  2. No need to change the business flow which means the software is implemented as per company’s requirements, not the other way round.

Pain Area Resolved by Eazy ERP -F&B Vertical
Eazy ERP – F&B vertical is a complete software solution designed and developed to cater the specific business and regulatory needs of food and beverage industry. It rests on the solid foundation gained from experience as Eazy ERP, a leader in process ERP. Our Food ERP software has in built dynamic functionalities that provide complete control over recipe and formula, the most important and critical activity of the Food and Beverage manufacturers.

  • Control on “Unit of Measurement – Weight & numbers” at the time of Inward Material and Dispatch Material.
  • Serial Number tracking from Raw Material to Grinding and Grinding to Powder (FG).
  • Batch wise production tracking.
  • Lot traceability
  • MRP Define at the time of Last Stage of Production.
  • Critical Sales Invoice – Scheme and Dealer Margin (Roll Back Calculation)
  • Multiple Rates (MRP) of Same Item in one Invoice.
  • Expiry Date Control
  • BOM level consumption
  • Quality Check with various parameters – Inward material / In-process material / Post Process material
  • Material Requirement Planning
  • Customer Order Tracking
  • Rejection Tracking
  • Stock Movement Control between multiple manufacturing units.
  • Automatic Stock Valuation.
  • Bar Code at Inward / Process / FG level
  • MIS Reports.

It is more like insurance, procurement, material management, wastage reduction, quality management and stringent requirements. Exception alerts intimated in real time, reverse track any batch for quality issues in minutes unlike the traditional way of 5 days. Today brand reputation can be changed very fast with social media so damage control is critical in today’s technological era.

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