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Easy Sanitization with Klenza



200 ML Klenza Hand Sanitizer mti newsThe need today, is for long-lasting protection which is pocket friendly, easily available and portable. To cater to these emerging hand hygiene requirementsResil Chemicals Pvt. Ltd. presents Klenza, a one of its kind alcohol-free hand sanitizer with the most unique foam-based formulation along withhygienic wet wipes that areenriched with silver, offering 99.999% germ protection without alcohol or Triclosan.
With the advantage of a seamless application, Klenza can be easily spread, effectively terminating germs within seconds and leaving behind an irresistible fragrance. Its foam-based formulation also prevents dripping, making it a convenient, handy and ideal hand sanitizer.Its distinctive foam dispenser pumps just the rightquantity for easy and smooth application in comparison to flip top bottles of various other gel variants. This in turn enhances the longevity of the hand sanitizer and prevents wastage. The undeniable effectiveness of Klenza makes it the best of its kind hand sanitizer.
Being free from alcohol and Triclosan, Klenza Wet Wipes are very gentle and suitable for all skin types. Its patented silver technology offers 99.999% germ protection. These unique hygienic wet wipes are made of spunlace non-woven material making them ideal for sensitive skin as well.
The Klenza Hand Care Range is available at multiple stores across Bangalore and Kochi, including the LULU Hypermarket Kochi.Available in 200ml foam pump for Rs. 198/- with 250 applications and the 50ml foam pump for Rs. 90/- with 120 applications, wipes 10’s pack for Rs. 55/-and 10 ml pen spray at Rs. 45/-

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