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Dissemination for 24 Mantra Organic -On Sikkim being declared the first Organic state in India



Mr. Raj Seelam Founder of 24 Mantra Organic and Chairmain AIOI24 Mantra Organic, India’s leading organic food brand, driving the organic movement across the country for the last 12 years, lauds the steps taken by the government to declare Sikkim as the first organic state. The announcement was made today by the Prime Minister of India Mr. Narendra Modi, during the National Conference on Sustainable Agriculture and Farmers ’ Welfare at Sikkim; jointly organized by the Department of Agriculture, Cooperation and Farmers Welfare, Government of India and Government of Sikkim. During the conference, a report – “Indian Organic Sector Vision 2025” in association with AIOI(Association of Indian Organic Industry)  the apex body for organic food producers in India; was also released. 

24 Mantra has played a significant role in Sikkim by working closely with the government to help convert lands undertaken by the Government of Sikkim. Mr. Raj Seelam, Founder 24 Mantra Organic in his capacity as the Chairman of the AIOI  (Association of Indian Organic Industry)  was instrumental in shaping the report “India Organic Roadmap 2025” which could be the direction provider for the organic movement in the coming years.       

 Mr. Raj Seelam, Chairman of AIOI (Association of Indian Organic Industry) & Founder 24 Mantra said,24 Mantra Organic, in the context of providing a sustainable livelihood to small and marginal farmers has developed replicable Package of Practices for organic farming with advanced technologies to benefit the farmers. 24 Mantra today helps cultivate more than 1.5 lakh acres across the country through organic methods. The company also helps the farmers further achieve organic certifications and consistent quality for their produce and empowers the farmers to take advantage of the market linkages created by the company”

 24 Mantra Organic has played a significant role to propagate the philosophy of sustainable farming to the remotest corners and is also working with the Governments of Sikkim and Andhra Pradesh to spur the growth of the industry.

 Commenting on the development Mr. N Balasubramanian, CEO, 24 Mantra Organic, said “it has been a relentless effort over the years to create the mindset – be it the farmers to adapt or the consumers to think about the benefits and to manage the challenges of economies of scale. We are now in a situation where these efforts are showing results – we have been successful in creating a movement and the next 10 years will see an exponential impact on the growth of the industry. With the increasing interest of the Central and state Governments to promote organic, the movement will benefit tremendously.”

 24 Mantra was started in 2004 with an aim to provide healthy and organic food to the consumers and also provide sustainable farming opportunities to farmers across the country. The company handholds the farmer right from prepping the soil, converting the land into an organic, reach the produce to end consumer. Today the company works with more than 25,000 farmers across the country. 24 Mantra currently has a range of 200 organic products and a customer base of 3 lakhs in the country.

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