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CoronoVirus outbreak is dominating everyone’s lives, says Ajanta Sen



The Mumbai-based Counselling Psychologist and Founder of Embrace Change strongly believes that the Covid-19 pandemic’s effect, even among those unaffected by it, has triggered in high anxiety levels and depression.

MUMBAI, April 17: The coronavirus pandemic has been dominating everyone’s day-to-day lives and traumatic stress has emerged as a new challenge during an infectious disease outbreak, resulting India undergoing the nationwide lockdown, which is now extended till May 3.

The 130-odd crore Indians – individuals as well as corporate – going into lockdown, according to Ajanta Sen, Psychologist and Founder, Embrace Change, are psychological impacted and there is spikes in high anxiety levels and depression. “A pandemic’s effect, even among those unaffected by it, could be much bigger due to anxiety, depression and fear are some of the most common symptoms that require attention,” she said.

The impact of Covid-19 has resulted complete collapse of healthcare system in the modern countries such as United States, United Kingdom. With lingering fears about one’s job security for some, managing households for others and working from home for another lot, people are bound to be experiencing severe stress in such situations. “I am currently handling a lot of online counselling therapies. This is something unprecedented that the world has witnessed for the generation in existence,” Ajanta pointed out.

COVID-19 related anxiety cases are not higher but the issue is prevalent among different sectors, right from the working class to senior citizens, students and even homemakers. “Not being able to step out of the house, lack of freedom, concern for your loved ones living far away are prominent reasons for anxiety,” she said.

The lockdown has worsened the condition of people who already suffer from psychological ailments. “The lockdown, which was imposed for three weeks and it was further extended, has specially been challenging for people suffering from substance abuse because of unavailability of alcohol or other tobacco substances they are addicted to,” said Ajanta, holds a Master’s Degree in Clinical Psychology from Mumbai University.

However, there are people who are trying to cope up with it (the lockdown) in addition to the fact that it has changed people’s lifestyles despite they are having some difficulty with it. There are also people with ongoing psychological issues who need to be attended to and they are also getting counselling sessions or therapies either online or via phone calls. “Anxiety is acute in nature and depression is more severe. Both are chronic and need help… but the ones who are depressed are not reaching out much but the ones who are anxious are reaching out more,” Ajanta said, while describing the type of cases she has been handling. She comes with over two decades of experience and is known for her creative form of therapies to bring holistic well-being among people.

Ajanta is currently working with groups and individuals struggling with depression, anxiety, women issues, relationship difficulties across ages; specially with adults coping with career change, trauma due to present or past life and life transition phases. She has also carried out extensive research in personal counselling, especially for Corporate related to work stress issues that helps them to regain interest and work towards the growth of the company. “My model of psychotherapy is centred on acceptance, genuineness and empathy and I believe in my clients’ own abilities and strengths and knows that there is hope for everyone. Despite our backgrounds and experiences, I believe that each of us has a choice of how we will move forward in our lives. Often, in therapy, we are able to find the courage to make those choices and the determination to not give up until we reach our goal of health and wellness,” she said.

Ajanta’s educational and professional background, in both, the mind and the body gives a unique and effective approach to counselling. As a Psychologist, she strives to collaborate with her clients to access their own wisdom through tailored treatment plans that can be integrated into their daily lives. Through her customised sessions she hopes that people discover the strength to live abundant, fulfilling and satisfying life they deserve, regardless of their background and situation in life.

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