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14-yuvraj-parashar-mti-newsdsc_1767-17He says that music affects the way we live. Our thoughts, our joys and sorrows, the way we think and the way we dance; all of it moving to the unending melodies and patterns of the soundtrack of our lives. Holding a penchant to entertain the audience with some of the finest pieces of art work, Choreographer- turned-singer Rajeev Khinchi launched his first ever cover “In Love”- Singer- Rajeev Khinchi; Music by- Vipin Patwa; Video shot in America in Times Square by Oscar Nominated Directors on his birthday. The launch took place at Hymus Resto Bar. The DJ for the night was Siddhart Bhardwaj who made the guests dance to his tunes.

A significant chunk of the television industry and some names from the film arena were seen at the birthday & launch party including Longinus Fernandes, Geeta Kapoor, Saumya Shetty, Rakhi Sawant, Yuvraj Parashar, Kapil Sharma, Alex O Neil, Sara Khan etc.14-yuvraj-parashar-mti-newsdsc_1767-1014-yuvraj-parashar-mti-newsdsc_1767-1814-yuvraj-parashar-mti-newsdsc_1767-6

In the present landscape, Choreographer- turned-singer Rajeev Khinchi is definitely one of the elite names in the business. He undoubtedly has the highly coveted quality of being respected dramatic thespian. “In Love is not just a cover song; it’s an experience, which can be seen and cherished by most” says Choreographer- turned-singer Rajeev Khinchi

14-yuvraj-parashar-mti-newsdsc_1767-8” The idea was to have a fusion song which evokes emotions of love, pain and most 14-yuvraj-parashar-mti-newsdsc_1767-12importantly displays the journey of a character” further adding “The idea was also to have a quality video in international setting & collaborating with international cast and crew to give the audience a never-seen-before music video” says Choreographer- turned-singer Rajeev Khinchi.

The birthday bash cum launch party was a grand affair. It was a flamboyantly splendid party with glitz, glamour, opulence and loads of love for the birthday boy reflecting from the entire preparations that will be no less than perfect.

The food was a sumptuous layout of the best that can be imagined. It was a magical feast or so it seemed with the most delicious fare laid down in the most luscious manner. The party was a gourmet lover’s delight with a lovely blend of exotic cuisines.

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