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CaratLane introduces its Enchanted Collection



UE00621-RG0000The ever-changing beauty and eternal mystery of filigree comes to life with CaratLane’s Enchanted collection that pays homage to its splendour and fairytale. This collection has been designed in 18KT gold in the filigree designs that take playful twists, with plenty of detail, and some pop of colour to create lightweight, multidimensional jewellery.

Journeying deep into luminescent beauty of the filigree technique, CaratLane’s Enchanted Collection brings a signature elegance and airiness, reflective of the carefree attitudes of today’s times. Delicate and feminine, the complex filigree detailing in necklaces, rings, earrings, and bracelets of this collection are handcrafted by skilled craftsmen who deftly solder gold wires into artistic motifs. Each design upholds the painstaking details of the filigree pattern while using modern techniques to create three dimensional silhouettes. Oriental motifs and designs, characteristically intricate curls and twists make the Enchanted Collection a perfect ode to the versatility of a technique which creates starkly modern looks.

The collection is priced from Rs 6,200 to Rs 37,000UL00144-RG00AT