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India D2C Summit & Awards 2022 taking place at Hotel Renaissance on 6th-7th April 2022


Mumbai, 2nd April 2022 : In its third edition, India D2C Summit & Awards 2022 (D2C 2022) is all set to take place on 6th and 7th April 2022 at Hotel Renaissance, Mumbai to discuss, deliberate and share exclusive knowledge, and actionable strategies on how to build, operate, and scale profitable D2C businesses in 2022.


Year 2021 has been a bonus for Indian D2C new businesses wherein the ecosystem raised $783.7 mn – 251% higher than all of 2020. This flood of capital has not just brought about the introduction of new brands, yet also presented troublesome models and cleared a path for new open doors and developments. There is an extraordinary interest from venture capitalists in brands and thoughts that deal in exceptional and unique products / services or have a strong, versatile model.


“The D2C movement is a true manifestation of ‘Digital India’. Dramatic changes in consumption behaviour and channels have driven extraordinary entrepreneurship in the D2C business model across all consumption categories. With so much happening, it is critical for investors and entrepreneurs to have deep insights on the path forward. India D2C Summit 2022 is the most authoritative business event to share this intelligence and build networks for business expansion,” says Bhavesh Pitroda, Director & CEO, IMAGES Group.


This year India D2C Summit is ready to assemble imaginative authors, most brilliant personalities and exploring D2C brands for two days of industry leading information and systems administration which will help to drive effective D2C business in 2022. It is all about Conference, Exhibitions and Awards along with decoding product, strategy & tech with today’s breakthrough brands.


The speaker line-up includes masters of their business and are handpicked to share their proven blueprints to success. D2C 2022 will focus on these eight key sectors of consumption such as Food, Beverages, Beauty & Personal Care, Home & Homeware, Apparel, Footwear, Accessories and Consumer Durables.


The 2-day forum will see variety of knowledgeable sessions and industry stalwarts speaking on Building Brands for the Next Decade of Consumption, UNICORNS in the Making: SOONICORNS – The Next Lot, Building Unicorn D2C Brands of the Future – What Does it Take and How The Most Promising Brands Can Get There, D2C STORIES THAT INSPIRE: A Tale of Daring and Gifted Entrepreneurs, Key Factors Propelling The D2C Wave – How D2C Will Shape Indian Retail and Consumer Markets in Next 3 Years and many more.


The 2-day forum will see speakers from leading D2C Brands like Neha Kant (Co-Founder, Clovia), Abhilash Panda (CEO, DIZO), Vikas Bagaria (Founder, Peesafe), Tarun Sharma (Co-Founder & CEO, Mcaffine), Harshil Salot (Co-Founder, The Sleep Company), Radhika Datt (Co-Founder, Onegood), Vishal Gondal (Founder & CEO, GOQii), Rashi Narang (Founder & Creative Director, Heads up for Tails) and leading Venture Capatalists like Vikram Gupta (Founder & Managing Partner, IVY Cap Ventures), Ispreet Gandhi (Founder & Managing Partner, Stride Ventures) and many more.


“Learning what customers seek even within digital platforms has been an eye-opener. Different touch points serve as different need states for our customers. A true Omni channel approach allows customers to learn about the brand, discover and browse, engage with and finally, transact across touchpoints with a seamless experience,” says Vinay Chatlani, Co-founder and CEO, Soch.


“We are category disruptors and creators and we are focused on cultivating a top-quality leadership team, ensuring an empowered and performance-driven culture where everyone is passionate about building a brand and an organization that solves real needs,” says Shantanu Deshpande, Founder, Bombay Shaving Company.


Event agenda –

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