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“BTL is the Next Big Thing” And Acreaty is ready to take up the challenge



With increasing clutter on television and small window for any kind radio advertisement during prime times, companies want to unleash their field army. These teams will directly communicate the features and the unique selling propositions (USPs) to the customers and consumers directly. With these requirements Acreaty has identified that we can add more than what is there in the market as part of the standard offering by various organisations into the same industry. With over 14 years of expertise into Business Advisory and HR services, Acreaty will be able to assist the organisation to find the right match for the people required and manage them, which will help our client to concentrate on their core business. Wherein, Acreaty will be taking complete care of the BTL activities on regular basis as the client’s requirements.

Mr. Paramjit Anand, Executive Director, Acreaty said, “BTL activities are going to be a Rs. 12000 crore market in India. Whether be sampling or trial, BTL is a much more engaging way to get brand value and recall across to the consumer. Coming a long way since 2000, when everything was about ATL – TV or print, BTL has an edge over ATL as it also gives you more understanding about the kind of people who buy and which products they buy. This helps in understanding the consumer behaviour.”

Mr. Paramjit Anand, Executive Director, AcreatyThe BTL activation will be a total separate offering by Acreaty. Wherein we are already serving some clients and are looking forward to expand our vertical and in this ongoing process we are always looking forward to add more resources to the team. Also we already have the team with people who are experts in the required area like graphic designing, strategies, business development, planning, execution, styling etc.

Acreaty has launched its BTL vertical to provide various services under BTL activations like

  1. General Trade Activations – These are the general trade promotions wherein do the sampling activity / any other innovative way of introducing the product to the target consumer.
  2. Modern Trade Activations – Herein we take care of the activities to be done within the modern retail stores like Big Bazaar, Nature Basket, Reliance etc.
  3. Mall Activations – Events or Promotional activities inside the mall more specifically to address to a larger group of audience and target customers.
  4. In-shop Branding & Visual Merchandising – Under this activity we have a specialised design and creative team who undertakes the responsibility to communicating the message to customers with various creative designs and messages.
  5. School and College activity – for products which kids centric or safety promotions these activities are undertaken wherein we get associated with schools for doing this activity.
  6. Society promotion – activities with in various private societies also in association with RWAs various market activation activities are undertaken.
  7. Space Buying – Digital space / hoarding space buying for campaigns to be run in various mall / stores / highways etc.
  8. Corporate Promotions – various corporate promotions like designing goodies or apparels etc. and creating something unique and new for the client.
  9. Exhibitions etc. are some to mention

We have been successful in roping the business association with Patanjali Ayurved Ltd. for redesigning and merchandising of their store of various categories to bring standardization and uniformity.

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