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Beat the heat this summer with Bottega di LungaVita



Sunscreen_Spray_SPF_20_Medium_ProtectionWith the chilly winter wind giving way to the first blazing ray of the summer sun, we see the nature blooming bright in a riot of colours. It is all very scenic around us and that definitely calls on for the summer festivities! It is time to hit the beaches in our sexy summer apparels and some cool funky shades. As we get ready to indulge in the myriad of summer surprises, Bottega di LungaVita offers its products that will protect the skin from the harsh summer heat.

The Sol Leon range by Bottega di LungaVita has a unique UVA and UVB protection program for face and body that keeps under control the direct contact of sun rays. It fights the immunosuppressive effect of the sun on our delicate skin and also reduces the risk of erythematic reddening of the skin. Another of its important function is to prevent the photo degradation and damaging of skin cells due exposure to sun. The Sol Leon product line offers products that range from medium protection to high protection and also to very high protection with varying SPF values such as SPF 20, SPF 30 and SPF 50+ for face and body. The collection has an array of products such as the Sun protection Cream, Sun protection Body spray with a special edition for Baby Skin, Sun protection face cream and the After sun face cream. The After Sun Face Cream deeply moisturises and normalises the skin. It also counteracts the dryness and fine lines caused by sun exposure. The complete Sol Leon range offers an all-round protection from the sun and also helps curb the ageing signs caused due to excessive sun exposure.

So this season enjoy the glorious summer sun with Sol Leon from Bottega di LungaVita!

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