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BASEonTab – Delivering quality education offline



1 (1)Educational technology has been a debatable topic for almost a decade and while many were skeptical about its positive effects in the early days, gradually we saw educational institutes embrace technology in education. Eventually, its positives outnumbered the negatives and now, with technology, education has taken a whole new meaning that it leaves us with no doubt that our educational system has been transformed owing to the ever-advancing technology.

The concept of teaching has seen a paradigm shift from traditional classroom teaching, home tutoring, studying fundamentals through piles of books, after-class tutoring, to processing vital concepts with the help of animated graphics- one thing has remained constant- our perseverance for knowledge and curiosity. No matter the medium, form or tools, the pursuit for learning has only grown empowering us to tap into our potential and helped us discover new possibilities in the era of technology.

Technology aids parents, teachers and students access and use the variety of options at their disposal. The transformation has not only revolutionized the way the concept of learning is looked at, but also offers alternatives to approach a concept with the help of colourful tools such as quizzes, tests, video lectures, animation, exercises, fun activities, etc that completely renew the sense of classroom teaching.

BASE has always been at the forefront of leveraging technology to train students effectively. Riding on its success of BASE@Home & Distance Learning Programs, BASE, the Bangalore based premier training organization has now launched an innovative format calledBASEonTab, that would enable young aspirants have easy access to BASE’s premium preparatory courses without the use of internet. Through BASEonTab students can learn digitally through powerful visual effects, engaging content, interactive interface, mock tests, etc that will help the student to assimilate their progress and understanding of the concepts. The tab would also resolve any doubts much easily than before. The tab will also enable a student to take a timed test helping to practice under real time environment.

The tablet will be equipped with study material to help students train for Karnataka CET. This will be followed by the launch of other programs like IIT Achiever, Medical Excel soon.

BASEonTab is like a complete course available in a pdf format, equivalent to attending the classroom, but at the student’s own pace and convenience. The lectures are available in video form, and more than 17,000 questions with answers are available. It will be accompanied by a set of presentations, synopsis of chapters, test papers, answer sheets, video synopses, e-books, and analytics. The targeted consumers are mostly students who cannot access BASE’s classroom programs and buying a tablet will be more affordable.


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