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Artful Pocket Squares “Limited Edition Pocket Squares from Sunil Mehra“



sunil-mehra-3-mti-newsSunil Mehra, a bespoke luxury design house presents an exclusive range of Pocket Squares for their bona fide fashion lovers. The creation of these collectible pocket squares has been done by paying attention to the details of life and innovation. The idea holds a very unique and magnificent sense of style.sunil-mehra-9-mti-newssunil-mehra-5-mti-newssunil-mehra-6-mti-newssunil-mehra-4-mti-news

The range exudes brilliantly coloured graphics displayed on finest quality of silk. Every Piece holds an extremely beautiful story which has been thoughtfully embedded on it, reflecting the aspects like art, culture, music and society. Some portray the daily aspects of life and some illustrate the beauty of nature. The whole range manifests the representation of artwork fused into digitally printed pocket squares. It is an alluring amalgamation of art with fashion