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Archana Dhankar, a Successful Founder and Stylist – Fashion For Royals



At London Fashion Week - ArchanaBorn in India and now has love for all things UK, Archana Dhankar is a renowned name in a fashion circuit. Being a beauty expert, stylist & blogger, Archana has an innate talent to make everything more beautiful. A graduate from Delhi, Archana has pursued her styling course from London. Along with that she also has some well recognized beauty courses in her kitty to add value to her interest and profession. Hailing from a business family, her love for styling and fashion comes right from her college days. Though she has forever been passionate about dressing up there was a time when as a young girl Archana struggled with her fashion choices. And that’s from where the inception of Fashion for Royals took shape — to help other women who want to look great and stylized well by using practical guidance on how to go about it keeping in mind the current trends and personality of an individual.

FashionForRoyals is listed among the top league of fashion sites in  UK. Though Archana has been a consultant stylist for many offline, she now aims to make her professional services available to each and every person across the globe by going digital. It will have an element of personal one to one styling for people to take up face to face or virtually.

While her intrinsic love for India’s culture reflects in her experiments with fashion, living in london and her love for travelling added a new global dimension to Archana’s sartorial sense. Archana has the innate flair to envision the perfect cut for every individual and is known for her aesthetic vision, perfection and innovation.

Speaking on Styling and Fashion for Royals, UK based expert, Archana Dhankar says, “Whether you are a next-gen woman who appreciates understated style with just the right notes of glamour and feminine charm, or someone gently blossoming into the woman she aspires to be — I have plenty of inspiration to share. You just need to know yourself and discover the latest in global makeup, fashion and everything in between — infused with ideas that work for you.”

In the midst of multitasking, Archana dons many hats. From being a Head of Digital Marketing to individually running a top rated fashion site and entering in to being an entrepreneur in the styling industry,  this incredibly skilled and creative personality  truly signifies the spirit of ‘necessity ‘with ‘artistry’.

Archana’s interests other than fashion & styling are reading crime thrillers, travelling, cooking, photography, dancing. She is also trained in kathak, Glass Art and other fine arts.