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Apollo Genomics Institutes launched at Navi Mumbai



Launch of Apollo Genomics Institutes would provide genetic counselling, tests, treatment and care for genetic disorders


Navi Mumbai, 11 January 2023: Apollo Hospitals Navi Mumbai, an advanced quartenary care hospital, today launched the Apollo Genomics Institutes to provide comprehensive care to patients and families with genetic disorders. Genomic medicine is a new medical discipline that deals with genetic disorders and helps in the diagnosis and treatment of rare and inherited diseases. It also provides information on the risk of an individual developing a disease and their response to a particular treatment and enables precision and personalised medicine. In addition to rare disorder diagnosis, genomic medicine is also being used in cancer pharmacogenomics and for tracking outbreaks of infectious diseases. 

The Apollo Genomics Institutes will help individuals, couples and families understand the medical, psychological, familial and reproductive implications of genetic disorders. Large population groups with genetic disorders, abnormal genetic tests, children with developmental delays, congenital anomalies, and family members with genetic indispositions will be significantly benefitted from the Apollo Genomics Institutes. The Genomic Centre would ensure early assessment and identification of genetic conditions with relevant interventions, long-term treatment and care.

Ms. Sharmila Tagore, the renowned Bollywood actor was the Chief Guest at the event. She said, “Over past 4 decades, Apollo Hospitals is known for the quality of care offered to patients. The Apollo Hospitals Genomics Institutes is a testimony to this legacy. I hope that with the availability of genetic counselling and increased awareness about genetic disorders, we are able to positively impact the well-being of women & children. I congratulate Apollo Hospitals for bringing the latest medical technologies & comprehensive care for the benefit of patients in India.”

Prof. (Dr) Anupam Sibal, Group Medical Director, Apollo Hospitals said, “The sequencing and analysis of the human genome has revolutionized medicine enabling the era of personalised care. Genomic medicine focuses on treating and preventing disease through an assessment of an individual’s genetic structure. The Apollo Genomics Institutes will translate advancements in genetic medicine into real benefits for patients with dedicated and experienced genetic consultants and certified genetic counsellors. Clinical conditions where Genomic Medicine can play a transformational role include developmental delays in children, liver, kidney, neuro and cardiac disorders multiple pregnancy losses, advanced maternal age, infertility, history of genetic disease in the family. The specialist Genomic medicine team at Apollo Hospitals will ensure that these diseases are diagnosed early apart from screening of the other at-risk family members”

Mr. Santosh Marathe, Regional CEO – Western Region, Apollo Hospitals said,‘’Apollo Hospitals Navi Mumbai (AHNM) has rapidly emerged as a Centre of Excellence in various specialities and super specialities over the past few years. AHNM has kept active pace with adoption of technology alongwith advancement in clinical progression. AHNM acknowledges that people with genetic conditions associated with learnings disabilities & incidental developmental delay are more likely to experience poorer developmental & health outcomes due to lack of personalised care & special facilities. The launch of The Apollo Genomics Institutes is to reduce the disease burden while ensuring early assessment & interventions. The Institutes has dedicated experienced Genetic Consultants & certified Genetic Counsellor with multi-disciplinary integrated supportive care providers in occupational therapy, physiotherapy, psychology & speech language therapy.