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API Holding’s RetailIO pushes for EV adoption





Mumbai, 01st March 2022: RetailIO platforms which connect Pharmacies and Wholesalers, successfully converted 70 bikes in their logistics network to EV’s amongst regions like Mumbai, Mysore, and Davangere under their #RioGreenFleet initiative. Post their electric drone pilot this is their second initiative focused around sustainability and evolving logistics in the healthcare ecosystem.


With each of these bikes covering 80 Km daily without fossil fuels, the carbon footprint impact will be saving approximately 1050 Trees. Also, these EVs are efficient and will help save an overall 25% in logistics costs.


#RioGreenFleet is proposed to be launched Pan India.


Harsh Parekh – Co founder, API holdings stated – “We continue our efforts to ensure that healthcare delivery is truly transformed across the country.  We believe that this initiative acts as a stepping stone for our commitment towards ESG”


Darshan Haria- Head – Operations and Logistics, RetailIO 1P said – “The vision is to rapidly move towards sustainability. This initiative provides the requisite thrust and builds confidence around its benefits amongst our logistics partners. The focus would now be on rapid adoption”

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