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Alibaba Mobile Business Group’s 9Apps Hits 260 Million Monthly Active Users Worldwide



New Delhi, June 20, 2016 – 9Apps, a popular app store from UCWeb and part of Alibaba Mobile Business Group, announced that it has clocked over 260 million Monthly Active Users (MAUs) who generate over 800 million app distributions every month (26 million app downloads every single day). 9Apps has also announced the release of Version 3.0 with an upgraded User Interface and a brand new ‘Stylish’ experience for its users. To popularize the new look, 9Apps has roped in stylish Bollywood celebrity couple – Bipasha Basu and Karan Singh Grover to announce the launch and reach out to India’s young and increasingly-connected demographic.

India is 9Apps’ Biggest Growth Driver

The Indian market has been a huge contributor to 9Apps’ staggering growth. 9Apps has a huge repository of localised and region-specific apps, making it the favourite third-party app store amongst Indian users.

“90% of our users are in the 15 to 30-year age bracket”, says Ebrahim Popat, Country Manager of 9Apps India, indicating that every 1 out of 6 young people in India use 9Apps. The Indian youth (below the age of 35), makes up over 65% of the India population and dominates the Indian app market. “The younger generation are consumers as well as decision makers in the Indian app market. Tonnes of apps are being launched every single day, so a good app is not good enough for users any more. Young users looking for something that can cater to their needs, yet is cool and stylish. And that is what we aim to offer with 9Apps 3.0 – A young and stylish app store for all”, says Popat.

Apart from providing localised and most popular apps with a smooth user experience, 9Apps is also committed to help local developers and bolster a healthy ecosystem in the country. Last month, 9Apps announced InDev Program, a $20 million plan to help Indian independent and start-up developers with specially designed solutions, especially in user acquisition and monetisation. The Program aims to help over 100 independent and small developers over the next 2 years.

9Apps 3.0: Be Stylish inside-out

Stylish 9Apps 3.0 fulfils its commitment to “Be cool outside, be powerful inside”. The change in design gives a youthful and energetic look to the app while fun and personalized elements make the app store smarter and more user-friendly.

9Apps 3.0 9Apps 2.0

Some highlights of 9Apps 3.0:

More stylish: Bright colours, curvy design, a more delightful and inviting page view. The theme colour – India Red was voted as the most liked colour by Indian youth
More fun: Funny animations appear while the page loads/updates to make the wait more pleasant
Faster: Boot time shortened by 40%; page loading accelerated by 50% – making the experience more smooth
Smarter: Precise calculation ensures more accurate and personalized app recommendations to each user, accordingly to individual preference
More entertaining: A single button for abundant entertainment resources including music, video, stickers, wallpapers and more

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