If the demand for Muslim Khatik (Butcher) Society is not fulfilled then we will show strength: Haji Aft Shaikh

If the demand for Muslim Khatik (Butcher) Society is not fulfilled then we will show strength: Haji Aft Shaikh

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23 May 2017, Mumbai: On 22 May 2017 evening in Mumbai, a state-level delegation meeting was organized successfully by the State Muslim Khatik Society. In this program, representatives from Muslim Khatik Society and other important members of the society participated from many districts of Maharashtra State.

According to government figures, in reality, Muslim Khatik society is far behind in today’s era. Keeping this in mind, this meeting was organized for the purpose of the guidance of the Muslim Khatik Society and for the announcement of the newly formed state, district, taluka and departmental level new Executive Council.

The main people of the state, present in this meeting were, Arjun Khotkar (Maharashtra’s Animal Husbandry, Animal Husbandry, Dairy Development, Textile and Fisheries Minister), Eknath Shinde (Cabinet Minister PWD MMRDC from Maharashtra Government), Ashish Shelar (Mumbai BJP President), Amin Patel (MLA) and Sunil Shinde (MLA).

In 1996, the status of OBC been received but not yet certificate, nor its validity

Haji Arfat, while addressing the gathering, said, “Until now, the Muslim Khatik Society got the status of OBC but not the certificate, some people got certificates even though they did not get the validity.”

Hindu Khakik society has got status of SC, but Muslim Khatik society has been given the status of OBC

Haji Arfat further said, “We wish that the Muslim Khatik society of 3 million population of Maharashtra should be given the status of SC. Hindu Khatik society has got this status but not the Muslim Khaki society, doing this has not been only discriminated us in cast but also in business.

If the demand is not fulfilled then we will show our full strength

“We have not shown our strength yet, and if our demands are not met, we will show our strength. During Ramadan, two to two & a half people will gather at BKC grounds and show their strength.

Today, we have around 30 lakhs in our entire Maharashtra, this is happening for the first time in the history of Maharashtra, from the village across the state, district chief of Khatik society from all 36 districts, taluka chief, city chief, department chief and The branch chief is here to gather. If things are not developed then the community of 30 million people will put their full strength. “Haji Arfat Sheikh said.

In the education system, the people of Khatik society should get the comfort
“Our children want to move forward, want to become doctors and engineers, so at least they should get access to the education system.” Haji Arfat Sheikh said Arjun Khotkar was present as the chief guest in this meeting, giving this assurance to the people of the Khatik society that he would definitely get justice.

Eknath Shinde said, “Today, 25 years ago, people of Muslim society had made me won by heavy votes, since then I have a family relationship with Muslim society. We will have to work together and go beyond caste and religion, The problem of the Khatik society is my problem. ” Apart from this, Mumbai BJP president Ashish Shelar gave the assurance and said that he will surely bring the problems of Muslim Khatik society to the government.

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